Sunday, 2 October 2011

It'll do magic believe it or not, bibbidi-bobbidi-boo...

Good afternoon! I hope you are all making the most of the sunshine? What gorgeous and unexpected weather for October.
Friday brought sunshine, and styling, with a wedding to do. Toni, the gorgeous bride has jaw length hair, so I created a gorgeous up do to compliment her tiara. Mother of the bride and bridesmaid also got some attention, and all looked great.
I had some great news, I've been granted a wish! The Fairy Hobmother waved his wand on Tuesday, and very kindly gave me a £50 Amazon voucher.
Those who haven't heard of the The Fairy Hobmother, it's a lovely chap called David from Appliances Online who loves to spread joy and gifts to us bloggers. It really does make your day getting a little surprise to treat yourself. I've been needing some new trainers for the gym (fitness bug has hit me hard guys! I'm a gym bunny!) and also been dying to try out the Babyliss Big Hair styler, so as it was a lot cheaper than other websites I added some of my hard earned pennies to the pot and got both. So from head to toe I'll be happy! I want to say a massive thank you to the Fairy Hobmother, this was a lovely surprise and really made my day.
And if you are hoping for a visit from the wonderful Fairy Hobmother, pop a comment below, you never know...


  1. Beautiful hair!
    If the Fairy Hobmother does see this, I wish for some new clothes, or possibly a new camera!

  2. A lovely look Kelly - So pretty, and I love the little pearls you added. It must be so rewarding for you seeing the results and knowing you've added to their special day :)
    Ah so nice to have a visit from the Fairy Hobmother. Well done hun. If I were lucky enough to be visited by the wonderful one, I would probably wish for a beard trimmer for my boyfriend (ha) or a new snazzy camera.
    here's hoping :)

  3. I love the hair do!! I need to try and find new hair do's for my fulltime job...start tomorrow! Want to look professional now!! If I were lucky enough to have a visit from the fairy hobmother I would use any vouchers I had to put towards an amazon kindle! Due to moving out and not in the best cirumstances, I lost all the books that I own :( all my harry potters so would download all my books on there!! I miss them!! Plus could read them on the train on the way to my new job :)!

  4. What a beautiful updo! Lucky you getting a visit - good choice of what to spend it on! Hope you enjoy them! Xo

  5. I love the little flowers in her hair! So pretty! If I got a visit from the fairy hobmother I would have a huge book and make up spree!

  6. That up do is stunning - I love those little clips! Well done you getting visited by the Fairy Hobmother. If I got visited, I'd probably ask for a new external hard drive - bit boring, I know, but mine is broken and I'm terrified something will happen to my laptop and I won't have anything backed up!

  7. What a gorgeous up-do you've created for her! Love it.

    I've already been visited by the Fairy Hobmother so I won't express a wish here. Isn't it a great idea though?

  8. That looks lovely.

    I would love a visit from the fairy hobmother as I would really love a bread maker. xx

  9. What a gorgeous up-do! Love that pretty tattoo, too.
    If I was visited by a kind hearted fairy I'd ask for a new blender as mine's on the way out and making very odd noises. x

  10. You have done a lovely job of bridal hair yet again! Love the little pearl details and how it shows off the pretty tattoo!

    Love the idea of the Fairy Hobmother (or father!) If I were to be visited I would ask for Amazon vouchers to put towards getting a Kindle!


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