Thursday, 20 October 2011

Home Dye-saster!

We are always on the lookout for ways to save some of our hard earned cash, and home dye kits have been around for ages. I remember my nan using a ash tint on hers and wondering about in a cap whilst it developed.
But there have been some scary stories in the press recently that have no doubt put the fear into home dye fans.  The stories and pictures of women suffering horrific reactions to dyes has shown that this popular way of colouring needs stronger regulations and monitoring to ensure we aren't harmed by what had seemed a safe way to colour our hair.
The majority of stories have concerns over a certain chemical appearing in dye kits, PPD or p-Phenylendiamine helps fix the dye into hair permanently but is being blamed for 80% of allergic reactions. PPD appears in a number of items, from printing ink to even some dark cosmetics. It's definitely worth reading your manufacturers instructions to see if it contains PPD, and if it does, it may be worth swapping to a semi permanent.

The main thing to remember is no matter how many times you have used a dye before, always skin/patch test, you can become allergic at any time, so better to be safe than sorry. Although these tests aren't fail-safe they can avoid a nasty reaction that may need medical treatment. And if you are concerned about a hair colourant, don't use it, there are natural brands on the market that avoid chemicals that can cause reactions. 
If you've ever had a reaction to hair dyes share below? 
What are your thoughts on home hair colouring?


  1. Thanks for posting this - after reading some of those scare stories I'd worry about using a home-dye kit! x

  2. I've just started colouring my hair at home again,
    fabulous post and worth a read to anyone! x

  3. I've been dying my hair at home for the past two years but i've only ever done a test once, probably very bad of me! Great post though, totally highlighted something I should be doing x

  4. I tend to stick to the same old Boots' Colour dye I've been using for years but, if they ever run out and I'm forced to buy a different product I do test first, I'm too chicken not to. x

  5. hey hun! long time no..comment! lol sorry i havent stopped by in a while! :) I havent had a recent dye-saster but i did have a cut disaster..agreed to do a hair show for a free colour by my usual colourist but this randomer cut my hair and cut half of it off!! all my long layers are hard to style now. :( boo, learnt my lesson.never again doing a hair show!! lol xx

  6. We love your post :) it's very important to test first !
    thaks for helping us with you fishtail post !!!!

    Love from London Wishes


  7. Thanks for the tip, I'm trying a new hair dye today and this post is perfect for me!:D

    ***** Marie *****


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