Sunday, 30 October 2011

An evening of murder, mystery, and the 1920's...

Murder mystery + 1920's theme = a very happy Kelly!
For a friend's 30th birthday this October we were treated to a night of mystery, and some fabulously dressed times!
I channeled Louise Brooks and wearing a dark bobbed wig, styled in fingerwaves. I love wearing wigs to parties when dressing up, think it really helps the overall look and you end up looking completely different for the night. I also curled Kristie's hair for the night and pinned to the side with some pretty clips. My outfit was from ebay, with a slip underneath, I loved it and wish I could dress like that everyday! :) Here's a few snaps from the night...

It was a fantastic night, the actors were brilliant and everything about the evening was just such fun! Have you ever been to a murder mystery evening? Do you think it looks like fun?


  1. Kel - what can I say other that you look a total 1920s babe! Louise Brooks eat your heart out. xxx

  2. Kelly you look stunning, love the whole look! That dress was an amazing find :)

  3. Sounds like such a good night - you look stunning! x

  4. Hehe - looks like you had a lot of fun - good work on the wig too - I always love to put on a wig when doing fancy dress - makes you feel like a totally different person - doesn't it? I'd love to go to something like this! xx


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