Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Crazy for Candyfloss...

Remember watching Frenchie in Grease? The bubblegum popping and Pink lady jacket wearing beauty school dropout had the most amazing Pink hair.  Although the result was due to a mistake in tinting class I think it suited her Pink lady status down to a T (-Bird, hehe)
Recently we've seen a whole host of celebs jump on the candyfloss colouring train, from Katy Perry to Fearne Cotton. Lily Allen was well ahead of the pack, sporting an amazing shade of Pink way back in 2008! The shades may be varied but the colour is umistakeable, does Pink make the boys wink though?
I'm not a massive fan I have to admit, and it's not something I'd do to my hair. But for those wanting a change, I recommend a semi permanent colour such as Fudge Paintbox if you are a blonde. And for brunettes fancying a bit of Pink in their hair? Go for clip in extensions for an instant flash of colour with no commitment.

Who's your favourite Pink lady? 
Personally Frenchie holds a special place in my heart, the others are just lacking that certain something...


  1. Or if someone wanted to add some pink to their hair, they could do a layer or a streak underneath. Doing a color like pink, blue, or purple was a huge trend at my high school 3 years ago.

    That’s So Fletch
    xo, Jay

  2. There's only one pink lady in my life, our new blogging best friend, Krista at Peetee's Palace, pink hair and pink ink to match, the hottest pink haired gal you'd ever meet. x

  3. My youngest had 6weeks during one summer holiday with bright pink streaks and she loved them. In fact if she could have them for school she would have. Whilst Frenchie has a special place I also loved Lilly Allen when she first had it done too. Katy Perry is running but I kept hinting her roots needed doing on Sunday night.

    X x

  4. Yeah,Frenchie!AND Krista!
    I love the look of pink hair,but would never do it because I'm far too lazy for the maintenance!!!

  5. Frenchie will always be my favourite pink haired lady! She is probably the reason that I love pink hair so much, hence going from blonde back to pink hair so often! Only the othee week I too was raving about her hair! http://smeeeff.blogspot.com/2011/09/pink-sunday_25.html

    Amy xx

  6. I like Katy Perry and her pink hair!:D

    ***** Marie *****


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