Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Celeb Colour Chameleons...

Celebs love to chop and change their colour, going from Blonde to Brown in an instant - and more often than not back again. Kylie Minogue is the latest to change her look, but are they lucky enough to suit the change in shade? Or should they stick to darker hues?
Lets take a look...
Kylie has stuck to the same shades for a fair few years now, but taking a leaf from Dannii's dark look she's gone for a dark Brown. I'm not taken with the colour, and think it's a bit severe for her. What do you think?

Cheryl Cole, she's dabbled with rich brunette tones, honey highlights, and caramel colour, but which do you prefer? Or do you think she's lucky enough to suit both?

Next up, Scarlett Johanson, I think Scarlett is incredibly beautiful, but prefer her with darker hair. It just seems to vamp her up a bit, and I love the styling, winged eyeliner and Red lips. I think darker colours work well with her complexion.

Katy Perry is next for debate, she's always been a raven haired beauty since she's been in the spotlight, but recently the bleach has battled and given Katy a lighter look. She's now sporting candyfloss locks as part of her fun image, but I think I prefer the dark side. Wonder what Russell thinks?

Changing your hair colour usually means changing your make up, and sometimes wardrobe to compliment your new shade. I know most of us (I certainly have!) have dabbled in a colour change through the years, what has been your greatest shade change? or dye disaster?


  1. Oh no, I love Kylie blonde, I think the dark hair makes her look older. I change my colour all the time, but I've learn to stick to the lighter tones, mostly a white blonde with a colour so that I don't need to overhaul the make up and wardrobe each time!

    Amy xxx

  2. Cheryl, Scarlett and Katy look loads better brunette. Not sure about Kylie, the photo isn't very flattering. x

  3. I think Cheryl & Katy look better brunette and Kylie & Scarlett look better blonde! Kylie looks a little washed out with such dark hair.

  4. Scarlett and Katy look better brunette, Cheryl pulls off both beautifully and I think Kyle looks better blonde xx

  5. Kylie definitely looks older with darker hair! Much better blonde.

  6. Kylie definitely looks better blonde but I much prefer all the others as brunettes.

  7. Quite possibly the only person I like with the two hair shades is Scarlett - though I agree the darker is more vampy. Kylie just looks older with darker hair :/ xo

  8. Such a change for Kylie I prefer her as a blonde. Shows you what money and a great hairdresser can do though!

  9. I love kylie's hair styles. I'm definitely a fan of hair colour - have been experimenting with mine this year but I feel that it needs a bit of a break (my hair is in such bad condition). I'm going to be gutted when i finally have to go back to having black hair!!! :(


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