Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Autumn shades for your hair...

Gorgeous burnt copper colours, honey hues, the Autumn landscapes give us inspiration for our hair colouring on a daily basis, and with the last burst of sunshine highlighting the kaleidoscope of colours I'm reminded of some stunning shades I've spotted lately.

Florence Welch has left behind the fiery shades of Red for a more subtle copper tone. I think this colour looks great on her skin tone and is much easier to maintain than the more commonly seen cherry Red. Also think the styling is fantastic, fit for a Chanel mermaid-esque appearance don't you think?
Emma Stone looks great with a gorgeous Auburn colour. I can't believe she used to be blonde! She definitely suits the warmer tones of colouring. She's avoided a flat looking colour by making sure there are different tones through her hair. I love it, what do you think?
Have you been inspired by Autumn colours? 
Do you change your hair colour by the seasons?


  1. I love Emma's hair. I prefer autumnal colours for myself... I used to be blonde; never again!! xo

  2. That's Florence Welch? I'm sorry but I preferred the wackier red home-dye than that, the colour's nice but it's just a bit bland for such a unique woman. x

  3. Emma's hair looks gorgeous. I'm really tempted to dye mine red or just a warmer shade as my hair always feels really dull in autumn and winter. I need the sun to keep it blonde! x

  4. I would like to dye mine a bit darker but have never though about red/chestnut. I absolutely adore your blog background its fabulous xx

  5. I've gone a bit darker red for the new season, it's the brighter the better for me though.

  6. Laura your hair looks gorgeous Red. Love it!
    Seems you girls love a seasonal changed.
    Vix, she looks completely different doesn't she!! I prefer this to the Red, nice change.

  7. Fair skin can really work the Auburn look!! Love it for fall!! :)

  8. I definitely love the copper tones! I've never dyed my hair and I'm really attached to the colour so I don't think I'd dare change it unless it went really dull or grey!x


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