Thursday, 29 September 2011

With a wave of the fingers...

Vintage hair styling seems to be catching in celeb land, Sarah Harding got her fingerwave on at the Look Show, Tulisa gave us great era hair for the X Factor auditions and Dannii Minogue has been making the most of her cute crop.
I love it, and you may have noticed I quite like Dannii Minogue! In fact she is a massive hair crush of mine. This feathered hairband she wore during London Fashion Week is really beautiful and dresses the hair perfectly. Tulisa's up do is stunning - so intricate and I think would look amazing for a night out or big party. I feel this Winter hair up is going to be very popular. From show stopping curls to slick sophisticated stylings, it's a great opportunity to try something different. I've recently picked up this book for some research.
So vintage styling looks like it's going to be a massive trend for hair this Winter. Glamorous and stylish, and really makes hair a talking point. I'm hoping to show you how to create some easy looks to get the 'vintage' look, so keep reading! And if you see a celeb style you want to try out, let me know.
What style would you go for? Fingerwave fanatic or roll rebel?


  1. I love that Tulisa, she's such a pretty girl & her hair is stunning.
    I've earmarked that book as a Xmas pressie for one of my friends, is it fairly easy to follow? x

  2. Tulia is extremely pretty and I love her hair. xx

  3. I'd love a quick and easy victory rolls guide. I've only ever done it right by accident :(

  4. It is such a sophisticated look, and up dos, I find, are much easier to cope with in the winter weather! Can't wait to see future posts on it! Xo

  5. Yay! Can't wait to see some vintage styles you create. I used to love doing victory rolls and big rolled bangs when my hair was long - but I'd really still like to try fingerwaves - but every tutorial I've seen makes them look so tricky! xx

  6. BTW - loving the new layout and snippty snip background :)


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