Tuesday, 23 August 2011

V Fest: The Hair Happenings

So V Festival 2011 has been and gone, did you go? I've never been to V Fest, always had it down as one of the "poppier" festivals which doesn't really appeal to me. However, the hair does. Of course!
Rihanna looked beautiful over the weekend (does this girl ever have an off day??) She rocked a larger curled look, with a braid on the left hand side to keep the curls off her face, then opted for a fuller, tighter curled 80's style. I really like Rihanna's hair colouring at the moment, taking inspiration from the ombre trend it looks more natural and really suits her.
Jessie J (complete with foot boot!) went from long & straight, to short & Purple in the space of two days (thank heavens for hair extensions eh!) I think the Madonnaesque ponytail is a little severe, but I love the Purple bob, complete with heavy Purple fringe. The colouring framed her face which I think is a great way to change your hair for maximum effect.
Dionne Bromfield worked a very pretty 60's style. Height at the crown and big curls swept over to the side suited her style and along with the era inspired make up made for a perfect look. This type of styling is really popular lately, and incredibly flattering for the wearer. I'd definitely cheat my way to long locks by using a hair piece or extensions if it looked this good.
Special mention to one guy at V Festival, Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys, step forward. I LOVE this look on men, I think his "retro" hair looks great, much better than the shaggy mop look he was sporting until recently. I'd love to see the sides shorter, but it's an improvement. Might have to convince Andy to start growing his hair...
Wouldn't it be nice to be able to have a stylist on hand for that festival fabulous look!
What was your favourite look of the festival? 


  1. LOVE Jessie J's purple bob. Rihanna...I'm not so sure. I think I preferred her short, red, and not so 80s days x

  2. I dunno about the Chelmsford V Festival but I can tell you from many years of going to Stafford's that it's dreadfully commercial, corporate and bland.
    I saw a bit on the TV and Nick Grimshaw's is my favourite hair, that quiff is legendary! x

  3. I love Jessie J's purple bob, but not the ponytail so much, as you said, it's very severe... xx
    Sirens and Bells

  4. Ah Grimmys quiff! How could I forget that!

  5. I just lovedddd Jessie J's hair at the V festival. And paired with that red/orange lip...ahhh..love!


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