Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Short, Medium or Long? What's your cut?

Ever flipped through a magazine and thought "I love that style but it just wouldn't suit me"
Most of the time because we are stuck in a style rut we find it hard to imagine ourselves with a radical new style.
So what cut can you pull off? Need layers round your face? Or a blunt fringe? Short or long chances are at some point we've had a few different styles. So what suits who? Read on for some shape and style tips.
I wrote about finding your face shape, it's a simple easy trick that anyone can do. And it works.

The luckiest of all the face shapes so they say. Oval's can pull off a variety of lengths, short, medium or long. The "perfect" features mean it doesn't matter if you go for a crop, or wear it long you'll look great. However, they are advised to wear away from the face, and avoid heavy fringes that can hide your face shape.
If you are a square (in face shape only of course!) then look at medium hairstyles with lots of movement & texture. Avoid straight styles that hang down, this will only accentuate your jawline. Bob styles suit square face shapes, however you'll need layers to avoid a blunt look. Square face shapes suit a light fringe, full or sweeping and adding height at the crown is perfect to balance your features.

With a round face shape, the only key bit of advice is to avoid a style that mirrors the face shape. i.e. a rounded bob cut ending at your chin. Work with layers at the top and the rest of the hair lying close to your face shape to help narrow and elongate. Go for a side parting rather than centre and add height at the crown to balance.
Long & slender, rectangular face shapes often have a narrow chin or high forehead. The danger with having a rectangular face shape is wearing your hair too long, which gives the illusion of the face being longer than it is, be careful of adding too much height which can also lengthen. Styles above the shoulders suit this face shape, and you are one of the lucky face shapes that suit a centre parting. Layers can help to add softness to your face shape.
What face shape are you? 
Do you follow the styles advised - or go it alone?


  1. I don't really know, I'm just a long-haired girl whether it suits me or not. x

  2. I'm with Vix. I get very twitchy about the prospect of having my hair any shorter than a certain length and really, there's only so much you can do with it in terms of cuts/styles when it's long.

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