Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Salon Surgery: Healthy Hair

I recently got an email from a reader asking if I could give some advice about thinning hair. As you've probably noticed from reading the blog, I am a huge believer in making sure hair is healthy. After having a bit of a nightmare with mine a few years back, I realised you do have to work to keep it looking & feeling great.
"I was quite poorly a couple of months ago...luckily I'm well on the way to a better health and things are looking a lot better! Sadly though, in the last month or so, I noticed changes in my hair...a LOT falling out in the shower (literally loads!!) and it just generally being in quite a bad condition, eg. dry and easily splitting ends and thinning really badly!
I know that this is almost definitely a repercussion of me being ill and that it will take some time, but in the mean time, is there anything you could suggest to make me feel a little more confident as it's really knocked me!"

When we get ill, are hair & nails usually show the effects. It can take a while to help your hair get fighting fit, but through diet and some treats hopefully you'll start to see improvements. Using deep conditioning treatments, eating a varied diet and cutting out using heated tools will give you better hair guaranteed. I've often wrote about how important certain foods are, and how other essential ingredients can play a part in helping hair stay strong.
If you do have to bite the bullet and go shorter then don't worry. Healthy hair will grow, and you aren't helping it by holding on to length that is essentially bringing the healthy part of the existing hair down. Majority of time hair will look much healthier and bounce back to life when cut shorter. Keep up with regular trims and ensure you treat it kindly to avoid any damage.If you colour your hair, stick to a semi permanent colour to add shine and give hair a boost.
The Tangle Teezer is brilliant at gently removing and dealing with knots and tangles - it's really important not to stress the hair by combing when wet, leave it to dry slightly before tackling it. Boots have got Lee Stafford products on 3 for £12 at the moment so if you want to help hair along the Hair Growth range can play a part in getting those long locks back. It's also great at helping with hair shedding, one thing I will say is that using too hot water when washing hair, and massaging a little too much will shed more hair, so turn down the temp and avoid giving your hair a good scrub.
All the links dotted through this post are previous topics I've covered and if you want need any info, let me know. And if you have any advice, then post below!
If you've got a hair problem, email me and I'll dedicate a Salon Surgery to you! :)


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