Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Rapunzel had it, we all want it!

Ever wondered why your hair grows? and how it grows? I loved studying the "science" side of hair and the different stages we encounter with our locks.
Your hair goes through three growth stages, Anagen, Catagen, Telogen and depending on when your hair reaches the stages, and how long it stays on the stage (anagen stage particularly) depends on how long your hair gets.

Anagen is the main growing stage, this can last from a few months to a few years.
Catagen is when the hair stops growing, and slowly starts to seperate.
The final stage is Telogen, where no growth occurs. This is the shortest stage lasting from a few hours to a few months. However if this stage continues, baldness occurs.

Obviously certain factors will affect your hair, the environment, chemicals and your health. Environment wise, living in a built up area will mean your hair is subject to pollution, and likewise living by the sea mean salt in the air has the same effect. Chemical wise, colouring your hair, along with perming/relaxing can subject your hair to all sorts of damage. Tints less so, with bleach coming higher up the damage chart. Finally your hair, I've often spoken of the fact you need a good diet full of nutrients to help give your hair the best start, it all comes from within. Products can help, and I've spoken about them in the past, but doing all you can to help your hair makes sense.
So, if your hair grows like a weed, blame your catagen stage for getting stuck. 
And if it is stuck, I'm very jealous. :)
Do you think it's nature or nuture on hair growth?


  1. I, too, love the more sciencey side to things, so I love this post! My hair takes agesss to grow, and always has done, and now I think I know why. I dye my hair LOTS, and live in a very polluted city - and I used to live RIGHT by the sea, I have no chance!! xx
    Sirens and Bells

  2. Ah glad you liked my sciencey post. :) And please don't dye your hair lots...trust me, used to be a Redhead wannabe.

  3. I've learnt my lesson! I had bright red hair, then had to bleach it to get rid of it, and now I've gone back to my natural brown so I don't have to dye it if I don't want to :)

  4. This is so informative, thanks for posting it!

    That’s So Fletch
    xo, Jay

  5. Does chlorine count as a chemical that would affect the growth stages? I think I'm quite good in that I don't colour or straighten my hair but I do swim twice a week and I don't know what sort of impact that has.

  6. I like the science-y side to hair. Mine grows pretty fast, it always has done but it's definitely healthier since I stopped colouring and heat styling it. I think it's a bit of nature and nurture as some people's hair seems to grow really slowly whatever they do. x

  7. Interesting, very interesting!
    I try tio be good, I rarely use heat and only ever dye the acutal bit of root that needs colour. Mine definitely has had a massive growth spurt of late, I can't believe the difference between now and last year. x

  8. I am a bit down about my hair at the moment as its taking ages to grow but in the past it grew really fast! xx

  9. My hair seems to grow about 2 inchs in a matter of months, then slows right down! At the minute I am desperate to grow my hair so hoping it gets a move on!

  10. Ah Vicky, your anagen stage is strong. :)
    Alex, chlorine can indeed damage hair, recommend wearing a swim cap or getting a shampoo that helps wash any residue of chlorine out.
    Thanks for all your comments lovely ladies. xx

  11. I love learning new things like this!! I had no idea about all the stages. So good to know! Thank you :)

  12. I used to think it was just nature but this post has enlightened me about the nurture side! My hair is pretty average in every way. It grows at a steady pace but then stops when it gets to about mid-boob level (sorry I couldn't think of a better way to describe it!) x

  13. Based on the number of hair growth blogs I've read, I'm going to say it's both nature and nurture. I've seen everything from: increasing hair growth is a myth to lists of vitamins, foods and practices to increase hair growth.

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