Sunday, 14 August 2011

Hair History...Nicola Roberts

I hate using the terminology of ugly duckling into a swan, but Nicola Roberts certainly has transformed into a stunning, amazingly haired lady lately. I can't help but think it's down to accepting her natural colouring, and realising if you are going to look different from your other bandmates, embrace it and totally rock the look.
Nicola started as a quiet, talented 16 year old winning a place in Girls Aloud, one of two bands formed from Popstar: The Rivals. Red hair, and pale, she stood out from the identikit look of the others, and was immediately labelled "the miserable one" (along with some other rather nasty terms!)
How different do they all look??
 As the bands popularity grew, so did Nicola's image change. The hair become darker, then lighter, and she started trying out a tanned look.
Growing up in the spotlight must be tough, and trying out different looks is all part of finding your own image and being comfortable in your own skin. Looking through the pictures, it doesn't seem Nicola is comfortable. Being a natural Redhead will make you the envy of many these days, but Red wasn't always desirable and even Nic wanted to get rid.
 As she got older and Girls Aloud became women with their own personalities and styles, Nicola kept it long. Trying out varied shades of Red, from strawberry blonde to a deep Auburn the length stayed the same and her natural skin tone shone.
Then came 2008, Nicola was 23, and started to really emerge as a stunning individual. The hair was shorter, the colour more vibrant and there was a confidence. I love the shorter look, heaps more volume and texture and it suits her face shape. 
This photo taken around 2010 is gorgeous, I love the colouring and the styling is gorgeous. Such fluid curls and it has a great relaxed look with all the glamour to make it perfect red carpet hair. She looks happy and so comfortable.
 More recently to launch a solo career, Nicola has jumped on the ombre train. I have to say, I'm not keen. I still love the styling and volume however I think the colouring lets her down. Maybe if this was a darker play on the ombre trend then it would work but it just feels Nicola's taken a step back towards wanting to "fit in" rather than stand out and embrace a more natural (and beautiful) look. I personally think she is a stunning girl and is willing to try out anything with regards to fashion and her look. Just bring back the ginge Nicola.
What's your favourite Nicola look?  Natural or more of a change?
As always, let me know if you fancy seeing a certain celeb get the hair history treatment!


  1. I love Nicola Roberts, she's always been my favourite!
    I loved it when it was shorter and a more natural shade of red, I hated it when she was tanned, so fake!
    I don't really like the ombre shade, but it's her eyebrows that make it look so bad, they're awful!
    I definitely think she's trying too hard to fit in again with the ombre thing. It seems like she started being herself, people noticed her and she became integrated in the fashion world, and now she's been there a while she wants to fit in with them. It's not good! xx
    Sirens and Bells

  2. Loving this post Kel, and totally agreeing with your verdict. Love Nicola's hair when it is vibrant red and with volume. In fact when I went red I look a pic of her (when she was wearing it bob length) to the salon for colour inspiration! Xx

  3. Wow... what the hell happened to her at the end there? In the 2010 photo she looks stunning, but the last one... has she had botox or fillers or something? Her face is crazy!

    I love Nicola, she's always been my fave in GA. Loved the peachy waves the most - such a 50s siren style look. x

  4. Ooh, that recent photo's not good. She looks like she's trying to morph into Cat Deeley or something.

    I like the 2010 photo the best. The shorter styles were really nice too but did run the risk of looking a bit Dynasty - that photo with the microphone is just far too hairsprayed and weird shouldered for my liking!

  5. Wow, what a heap of changes. Like the 2010 look the most. She looks very odd these days. x

  6. They made me laugh how they called her the 'ugly one' when in reality she is not ugly at all!


  7. She doesn't look good in the last picture! I love the more voluminous look, although it'd be nice to see her with her truly natural hair colour... if she can find it under a few years of dye.

  8. Nicola is my favourite member of girls aloud, I love her hair when it's been gingers, looks the best that way I think

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  9. I'd really take any of her hair looks for my own, she has a nice full head of hair! Not sure if I have a favorite, I think that she can pull off all of them :)

  10. I agree that she looks so much nicer natural, she sports pale skin and red hair so much! I would LOVE to see an Emma Watson hair history - i love her! xo

  11. great post! so interesting to see how peoples style evolves. I love her with short hair, just gorgeous.

  12. I love love love the ombré on her but her teeth look far too big for her face! Maybe that's what makes it look so odd on her? I'm not sure! Her short pinky toned bob was my favourite :) xx

  13. My favorite hair of hers is the Tangled Up tour hair style. The long red hair looked gorgeous! But i have to say, nic looks perfect in whatever hair she has!


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