Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The Battle of the Argan Oils

Argan oil is everywhere at the moment, it's your new hair best friend, and Vo5 and Lee Stafford are the two main contenders battling for the top spot on the high street. So which one should you buy?...

*ding, ding, round 1*
Smelling fine, or worse than the Rhine?
As with all Lee Stafford products, you have a distinctive smell, which some love, some dislike. I personally love it. With Moroccan Oil the smell wasn't a positive, however Lee Stafford's Argan Oil smells terrific. It leaves your hair with a hint of fragrance which lasts all day. The Vo5 Miracle Concentrate Oil has quite a neutral smell, not offensive, but not a strong fragrance that stays with you.
Winner: Lee Stafford

Price is right, or way out of sight?
Moroccan Oil is expensive, however are the high street contenders giving us Argan Oil lovers a better price point?
Vo5 retails in the shops at a reasonable £4.99, for 50ml. Lee Stafford Argan Oil retails at a slightly more purse stinging £11.99, for 50ml. Now whilst Boots often do a 3 for 2 on the Lee Stafford range, I think the price is pretty high and more than most shoppers are willing to spend. A little product does go a long way in both cases though.
Winner: Vo5

Heavy or Light?
Argan oil is supposed to be incredibly light on the hair, not weighing it down and avoiding a lank look that no one wants. 
I've used both oils fairly for a week (including using the same shampoo and styling methods) and have found of the two, Lee Stafford's left my hair feeling soft, manageable and light (using one pump of the oil) Vo5 unfortunately left my hair feeling slightly greasier than the norm a day after I had washed and applied. I found if I used two drops (which made the amount less than I'd used of the Lee Stafford Oil) then I didn't have a problem. My hair type is medium, below shoulder length, and highlighted. I do think however that using Vo5 on thick, coarse and curly hair would help control, unfortunately with my hair it seemed to weigh it down slightly until I found the right amount for me. 
Winner: Lee Stafford
Packaging eye-catching or off-putting?
I can't help but be swayed by packaging. Unless I already know that something is brilliant, I take the look, application and wording on the packaging seriously.
Lee Stafford has gone for a burnt Orange and Pink theme, following his bright Pink signature look. I love that the bottle comes in a box, there is plenty of detail about the product, and the idea behind it. I love the Moroccan style pattern and the bottle itself looks good.
Vo5 have really set the standard application wise, I love the pipette idea, meaning you can get a controlled amount without wasting any, such a good idea and makes application that little bit more exciting - makes you feel like you are mixing and using your own potions (or maybe that's just me in a lab coat cackling wildly) The instructions and details are on a peel back label, and the bottle itself is average looking, and it's nice to be able to see the product clearly.
Winner: Vo5
You don't mind paying for something that is going to transform your hair, but if you are left feeling disappointed that a product hasn't lived up to it's promise then it's money wasted. 
Both argan oils contain pretty much the same ingredients, give or take a few, so it would take something special to pay £7 more. I would splash out on Lee Stafford's Argan Oil  or be more than happy to receive it as part of a gift, the smell is gorgeous and as always I love the packaging however the price for me lets it down which is a real shame. Vo5 have created something that is affordable and once you've figured out the exact amount that works for your hair, it's a good Argan Oil product. I'd probably say fancy a splurge, go for the Lee Stafford, got to save go for Vo5.
So the winner and champion Argan Oil product is the Vo5 Miracle Concentrate.
(I was given the Lee Stafford product & bought the Vo5 product for comparison purposes)
Have you tried an argan oil product? What did you think? 
Will you be buying either from the results of the battle?
For those wanting to read more about the benefits of argan oil, please have a read of my Vitality article on it


  1. This was a really handy review! thank you :) Been tempted by the Vo5 one every time I see it in boots! x

  2. Oooh I might have to get myself the Vo5 one :) Ps don't worry, I also like the whole thought of mixing and potions! xx
    Sirens and Bells

  3. Well this is probably going to sound like a very daft question but what exactly does it do? Is it just a conditioning type thing?

  4. Great review but I wondered what the oil does? Does it just make it more shiny and manageable?

    The Vo5 sounds great x

  5. Sorry girls, I've edited the post to give you a link to an article I wrote on argan oil, and the benefits. Hope that helps. :)

  6. I bought the VO5 oil yesterday on offer in Boots and I'm so excited to use it :) xxx

  7. I'm very interested now I've read your review. I've got a heap of Boots advantage points, too. x

  8. I might be giving the VO5 one a go after reading this! :) I do like Lee Stafford stuff but I think that some items in the range seem a bit overpriced!

  9. Just found VO5 Argan oil in superdrug for bargian price of £2.99 instaed of usual £4.99.


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