Saturday, 23 July 2011

The Science behind your blow dry...

Regular readers will be fully aware that I have Hair Geek status, I totally accept the title and would really love a badge. The hair structure is an amazing thing, and it's great how we can manipulate it to become something else. 
What makes a style? How does the blow dry stay put?
Well you have these bonds. The bonds are disulphide and weak salt, they hold together polypeptide chains alongside hydrogen bonds that prevent hair stretching too far.
When you blow dry, you are essentially breaking down these bonds to create new ones. This is why it's so important to leave the hair too cool before playing around with it. As the hair cools it hardens forming the a new bond. The bonds will stay put until it gets wet again, whether it be through washing, humid atmosphere or even a steamy bathroom.
The normal state of your hair without bonds being stretched and changed is called alpha-keratin. When you blow dry or set a style it becomes beta-keratin. The blow dry is all about tension to help encourage the hair structure to change and form the new pattern. Once the hair is in the desired style, leaving it too cool will not only help the hydrogen bonds harden, but it will give a longer lasting effect. 

Hope you've enjoyed the slightly geekier post, any questions let me know!
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  1. This is an ace post, it's weird thinking there is so much science behind it. But very cool :) xxx

  2. You are a constant source of fascinating hair facts. x

  3. Great post! I'll be sure to keep away from the hair brush until my hair has cooled :) x

  4. nice post!
    you have a great blog


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