Sunday, 19 June 2011

Sunday Snip #22

Good morning, hope you are all enjoying your weekends? We've been saying farewell to Holly who's staying with my lovely sister and boyfriend for Three weeks. I'll miss her heaps but know she'll have a great time with them, and hopefully not be too naughty. We are off to North Cyprus soon, but don't worry, lots of scheduled posts to keep you busy. :) And I'm not sure if he'll read this but Happy Fathers Day dad! Thank you for being the best dad I could wish for, and you really are a NLB.
*edit - missing that little ginger ninja already!!
Celeb Hair of the Week
David Beckham. *swoon* He really does get better with age doesn't he. I absolutely love this type of styling on men. It has that hint of casual, but with a bit of product and the deep side parting, he looks like a Hollywood star. Gorgeous, what do you think of Beck's?
Handy Hint
Whilst away on holiday keep changing your parting whilst sunbathing and walking around. It'll avoid it getting burnt and being really sore. A even better hint is to cover it with a hat or scarf - no one likes a frazzled scalp.
Did you Know?
There is a disorder called Trichophagia, which is to pull out and eat your own hair. Sufferers can end up needing operations to remove the hair, as the stomach cannot break it down. The disorder can be due to stress or anxiety and can develop from an early age.

Hair Quote of the Week
"The hair is the richest ornament of women" 
- Martin Luther King

Guess the Celeb?
I've added a new element to Sunday Snip this week, just a bit of fun, simply guess the famous face from their hair do. No prizes I'm afraid, but lots of fun for everyone. ;)
This little lady has a career in showbiz longer than most, and hasn't ended up a Wedding Singer, she sounds such a fun lady to be around, a real Scream. She'd probably get you Riding in Cars with Boys....
Enjoy the rest of your weekend, hope you've had fun, lotsa good food and drink and relaxed ready for another week.


  1. Ooh I know! Drew Barrymore. I used to look exactly like that (minus the big red circle..) when I was the same age.

    Have a fab time on your hols. I'm very jealous!

  2. Have a wonderful holiday, Kel and hope Holly gets spoilt rotten, too. xxx

  3. I'd recognise those pigtails's Drew Barrymore! Holly is so cute, I just want to give her a big ol' hug x

  4. Love the tip about changing your parting when on holiday - great idea! Although I tend to keep a hat/headscarf firmly in place when I'm away... to ward off the sun and keep my terrible holiday hair under wraps!

  5. Drew Barrymore :) I'd know that even without the clues I adore her:)

  6. So jealous you're off on hols Kel! I once burnt my scalp and it was AWFUL! :( Ugggh. My skull is rather huge and I find it hard to get nice hats to fit! If I get away this summer I must find one though. Aww look at holly, too cute! ♥ xx


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