Sunday, 10 July 2011

Summer Haircare with Paul Mitchell

You've got the tan, and feel great after your break in the sun, but your hair looks worse than Wurzel Gummage on a bad straw day. What to do? Make sure you care for your hair whilst away, protecting it with certain products will avoid that dry straw look and help you come back looking like a tanned goddess*
*results may vary,products can help hair, they can't work miracles! ;)

Paul Mitchell have some gorgeously great products out to help battle the sun's harmful rays, and these travelled with me to North Cyprus (more on my hols this weekend!) Now I have highlighted hair, it's even more important to make sure my hair stays safe from UV rays and general wear and tear from the sun/chlorine/the sea.
The Colour Protect Locking Spray promises to help colour stay put and not fade. Containing UVA and UVB protection, along with sunflower extract and conditioning agents it has all the good stuff to help fight those harmful rays. The bottle is comes in is huge! And will definitely last, so is good value for money.
This was in my beach bag, and used regularly. I definitely noticed my colour has stayed bright, avoided any brassy tones and it smells great which is an added bonus. I sprayed it over my hair, tucked it up into my hat and found my hair has avoided damage and colour fade. A big thumbs up from me and my locks!!
And speaking of Paul Mitchell, as you know I had a little giveaway on the blog and I've got round to and the winners are.... Sarah, Crystal, Harpeet, Ayden and Alex! Congrats girls, I'll be emailing you to get addresses so the goodies can be sent out. Thanks all that entered. :)

What's your top tips for summer hair care? 
What products do you use when protecting your hair from the sun?


  1. Check out that tan!
    Well done to the lucky winners.
    My hair protection is a big straw hat or a scarf. x

  2. I'm a winner!!! I never win anything....YAAAAAAAAY!!!!! xxxxxxxxx

  3. Ooh, me? WOOOO!!! Thank you ever so much :)

    This is the point where I shamefully own up to not using anything special in terms of sun protection for my hair. I don't really think of it over in what passes for a UK summer and I don't go abroad that often.

  4. Yay!! Thank you so much! :) xx

  5. Woo hoo! Thanks kel :) you have such a nice tan in the pics! Someone told me that pouring sparkling water in your hair stops the chlorine getting to it so badly when youre in the pool? Dont know if thats a lie though... xx


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