Thursday, 2 June 2011

Pretty jewels that sparkle and shine..

We all love pretty jewellery don't we, wearing something new, or something that means the world to us can brighten a dull day. As you all know I make jewellery along with hair accessories for my site Silver Peacock, I've often mentioned the craft fayres and stuff I've been up to.
I recently made some gorgeous necklaces with some natural jade stone stars in a variety of colours, I love wearing mine layered with a few different colours. What do you think of Twinkle Twinkle? Not bad for £5.00 eh!
I'm planning on adding lots more over the weekend and really giving you all something to look at, from hair slides to necklaces, rings to brooches I hope you all find something you love.

Because I'm in a good mood and it's sunny I thought I'd give you all the chance to get 
25% off if you enter HAIRADVICE at the checkout. 
(expires 13th June, to give me a chance to get your orders out before my holiday!)
If any of you are crafty and sell your stuff link me below so I can have a look, always love finding new sellers of unusual and pretty things. And I wanted to also say a massive "hello!!" to new readers I've picked up recently, hope you enjoy and keep 'em peeled for more hair geekiness! :)


  1. Oh they're beautiful, and so unusual.

  2. They are fab and a great price, too. Love the idea of layering them. xxx

  3. LOVE *saves for when I have pennies*


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