Friday, 17 June 2011

NIVEA: Sharing the love...

NIVEA want us to get close, and marking their 100th birthday (I hope they got a card from the Queen) they are celebrating by showing us how close we are, the friendships and bonds we make & laughter and tears we share. 

The friendships we make now are different to how they were years ago, with social media and texting becoming a communication staple. Talking face to face may come easily to some, but to others it can be daunting, being a hairstylist means I'm used to striking up conversation and making people feel at ease, but sometimes it can be hard to gain that bond. Professor Geoff Beattie has given these handy hints to help you get closer than ever...

1.Develop instant rapport
Don’t know someone that well? Mirror the timing of their movements. This doesn’t mean copying them exactly – which may look obvious – but make an action of some kind whenever they do. For example, when they reach for the menu, pick up your glass. People with natural rapport do this automatically, but you can recreate it to help someone feel more relaxed in your presence.
2.Never say ‘nice’!
Compliments are an obvious way to encourage warm feelings, but steer clear of anything that sounds formulaic and therefore insincere – such as ‘your dress is nice’. The n-word, as a general rule, is best avoided. A more original compliment will sound more genuine – for example: ‘I’ve always wanted a haircut like that. Who does it for you?’

3.Share a secret
Personal disclosure – in other words, revealing something most people don’t know about you – is one of the key components of closeness and is essential for strengthening bonds with a new friend. It doesn’t have to be a big revelation (which may not be appropriate!) – admitting you’re upset because you had an argument with your sister that morning, for example, would be enough to make the other person feel you’ve taken them into your confidence. 
4. Pay attention
While sharing information about yourself is essential, it goes both ways. Listen closely when your new friend is talking to you, and show positive regard – not just with words, but also with non-verbal communication such as maintaining eye contact and smiling and nodding at the right moments.

5.Get touchy
Hugging and arm-linking may not feel quite right in the early stages of a friendship, but a light tap on the shoulder or hand could make the other person feel unconsciously closer to you.
To show Nivea how you've taken the advice of Professor Beattie upload your million moments of closeness to and show them how close the bond between a friend, family member or neighbour can be. Everyday Prof Beattie will pick a photo and you could be in with a chance to win - there are 100 prizes worth £100! So you can celebrate and share the bond, and also win something. So Feel Closer and maybe win some prizes. :) I think this photo of me and my sister sums up our bond perfectly!!

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  1. Number 3 is quite an important one for me. I think you get to know someone much better if you've talked about personal feelings, it doesn't have to be anything big as you say, but a little insight always helps x

  2. yes agreed, lovely post! nivea is ever faithful and ever loyal, one of my fave cosmetic brands!


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