Friday, 24 June 2011

Hair History: Kylie Minogue

The pint sized Princess of pop (well Queen now I think) with the best buttcheeks in all the land. Miss Kylie Minogue really became popular with us poms around the time she sported dungerees and a rather frizzy perm. Ah the 80's.
With Kylie in the spotlight, it was the perfect time to launch her pop career, that would span decades and gather fans worldwide. We were given bubblegum pop with more curls, a vintage hairstyle for "Jes ne sais pourquoi" and the infamous curly hat hair for her album cover.
Then possibly my favourite stage of Kylie. The indie/grungy/sexy stage. She rocked short hair, no make up, and Red hair and vampy make up. Looking utterly hot every step of the way. Her relationship with Michael Hutchence is said to have helped and it showed Kylie growing up and becoming more independent in her style. My favourite Kylie song has to Confide in Me, such a great song, and great video.

She looks great with any up do, it helps to show off perfectly pixie features. I think I prefer Kylie with short hair, just because she can pull it off brilliantly. However the lucky thing rocks both short and long locks.
I think this was styled by Christian Vermaak - stunning
I can't believe how incredibly beautiful she looks in this next photo. Stunning bone structure and gorgeous colouring really make the cute crop look amazing. She battled breast cancer in 2006 and won, and I love how privately she fought, whilst helping create awareness for the disease. I think it showed a lot of women that you can beat it, and come through stronger. 
Kylie's hair has stayed longer over recent years, with a nod to Bardot for the release of "Read My Body Language" and is more often than not style in ultra flattering waves and curls. The colouring is a gorgeous honey blonde, mixed with her own natural colours. She's found a style that suits her face shape, and flatters her style.
What's you favourite Kylie look? And have you taken inspiration from her styles over the years?


  1. what a great little Kylie hair history lesson, enjoyed every moment of it! Not sure if you've gone to Cyprus yet but if not, have fun! xx

  2. I much prefer her shorter and more indie looks too. Just that bit more interesting than the usual glossy haired popstar you tend to see.

  3. i like her latest hair the most but my goodness she's gone through some crazy styles! xxx


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