Monday, 13 June 2011

Hair & Harmonies: Katy Perry

A new series for Hair Advice (I do love a series!) containing two loves, hair. Naturally! And music, I love music, and it doesn't have to be one genre, anything from Jackson 5 to Jessie J gets me dancing. I am a rock and indie lover foremost, with a bit of punk thrown in for good measure, but anything goes.
So with that in mind, I'm going to be helping you recreate some looks from music videos and inspirations from songs/artists and the genre. So you could get a mohawk one day, and long hippy lengths the next.

First up is the gorgeous Katy Perry, and her gorgeous GHD shoot. Channelling 40's glamour, and looking stunning with big glossy curls and a deep side parting.
  • Comb a volumising mousse through damp hair (I've been using Aussie Volume and Conditioning) and blow dry using a barrel brush. Lift the brush at the root to get volume but remember to blow air downwards to give a sleek finish. When the hair is around 80% dry spray with a curl activator or styling spray. 
  • Part hair in a deep side parting, use a little hairspray to hold if needed. 
  • Add hot rollers in the hair, large on top layers, smaller on bottom layers (I use my Babyliss ceramic rollers) wait until they were completely cool, then gentle brush through the curls so they begin to form waves. Brush up and under the curls rather than on top to help hold volume.
  • Use a serum to finish, and a flexible hold hairspray. Pin one side of the hair behind your ear (the side on which your parting lies is best)
  • Adding a jewelled hair clip or hair comb can add to the glamour. A scarf wrapped around and knotted on top would give a more casual daytime look. 
Hope you enjoyed the first Hair & Harmonies. 
Who would you like to see next? A punk look, or maybe an 80's Bonnie Tyler bouffant?


  1. love it thanks for sharing x

  2. I love her hair, it's always so perfect!

  3. I wondered if that was Katy Perry on the GHD adverts, I'm useless at spotting celebs.
    Her hair looks lovely, thanks for your tips. xxx

  4. I have seen a few of these ad's about and she looks absolutely stunning! Always has such lovely hair, I'm not surprised they used her :) xx

  5. ooh, I love this hair look on KP. I'm generally too scared to try 'big' hair myself, I'm so chicken!

  6. Now this a look I'd love to recreate but I am lacking all the stuff I'd need apart from the hair and the hairdryer!

    New header, or am I just noticing it very late? Tres swanky!

  7. love this ghd campaign. Katy looks gorgeous. Great idea for your new series

    Christina @ Hair Romance xx

  8. How beautiful is Katy Perry?! She is just gorgeous. x

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