Sunday, 5 June 2011

Britain's Got Talent & Good Hair...

Another year of Britain's Got Talent is over, Simon Cowell set to make another gazillion pounds (enough to buy some wax? That chest hair was making a break for freedom Si!!) and a successful first year for Michael McIntyre and his ever bouncy head.
As always I was hair watching and Amanda Holden didn't let us down with a succession of up do's, glamorous waves and perfect blow drys.
 I couldn't find a better picture but this was my favourite, such gorgeous styling, very light and natural but high on glamour. Just looks like she's had a gorgeously big blow dry with the hair taken away from the face then pinned to give a beehive effect with the fringe and tendrils left loose. What do you think?
Since changing her style and getting a bob, Amanda's hair and style have definitely become more adventurous. Ben Cooke was the man to thank for Amanda getting the chop, and it seems to have had the Dannii Minogue effect and more has been done to give the bob life and show that short hair is ANYTHING but boring. What was your favourite style?


  1. She always does have such a fab style going for her. I much prefer her hair shorter, a bob shape, so versatile and she manages to get the effortless glam look down to a T.

  2. I LOVE Amanda Holden's hair, I've been coveting it all the way throguh BGT :-)

  3. Nice to see a sleb without the obligatory hair extensions! Love her dischevelled bob in the top picture. xxx

  4. I love amanda's hair. Every time I see it I want to cut mine like hers!


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