Tuesday, 3 May 2011

A wedding, a BBQ and a lot of cider...

Good morning everyone! I hope you've all had lovely weekends? Mine has been spent back in the West country with Andy, Holly dog and the family. Great to see them all and miss them already!
Crystal and I, my man and me, men + BBQ = caveman behaviour, the ginger ninja
Did most of you watch the Royal Wedding? Didn't Kate look beautiful, I would love to do a post on her hair (what else eh!!) but not sure if you've all had enough of reading/seeing about it?
I'm away again this weekend for my friends hen do, we are off to Spain for the weekend! Can't wait, I'll make sure there are a few posts scheduled to keep the blog busy, the long weekends have really missed up my daily schedule!! :)
Oh and spare a thought for Holly, she's currently sporting a nice cone collar and bumping into things, got bad ears so it's stoping her making them worse but she's got a major sulk on.


  1. What a fab weekend you had and I'm seriously envying the hen weekend in Spain, you lucky thing!
    Poor little Holly, hope she's healed very soon. xxx

  2. Looks like a lovely weekend! :)

    Men + BBQ = Cavemen behaviour - can definitely relate to that one! Haha!

    Hope you enjoy the hen weekend in Spain and that Holly gets better soon! :)


  3. I've had three BBQs this weekend and I literally can't get enough! Very jealous of your trip to Spain x

  4. Aw, poor Holly! Spain will be immense. Enjoy it lady. x


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