Sunday, 29 May 2011

Sunday Snip #21

Good afternoon! I hope you are all enjoying your bank holiday weekend (those who are lucky enough to have one/not be working) I've spent mine eating and drinking indulging in a chingra mushroom and peshwari naan last night. Gorgeously lovely! Today I'm ebaying and gardening, and tomorrow I'm being taken to Milton Keynes for a Wagamamas. Yum and yum. Without further rambling, here's a Sunday Snip to keep you entertained...

Product of the Week
Fudge Urban Sea Salt Spray. This stuff is gorgeous, the smell is incredible with coconut making it smell like summer in a bottle. It really gives your hair a great texture and is perfect for Summer. You can use it on damp hair or dry hair to get those perfect beachy waves. Has anyone else been using anything different to get some Summer styles?

Handy Hint
You know those clothes hanger ribbons inside your tops and dresses? If you are like me you snip these out to avoid them peeking out to say hello during the day. Why not save them, and braid them into French plaits for a gorgeous boho look. The more you get the more colour options you've got. 

Celeb Hair of the Week
Sad news about Jeff Conaway who sadly passed away. I loved him in Grease, and know he had a lot of personal problems with addiction and battled them throughout his life. I will never forget him and John Travolta with their T Bird jackets and amazing hair. I have started seeing this style a lot more and am loving seeing Kenickie's wondering around with a comb in their back pockets.
Did you know?
Less than 4% of the worlds population has naturally Red hair. So if you naturally a gorgeous Red head feel proud of being in that 4%. Red is still an really popular shade this year, but rather than the bright Red we are seeing a softer colour, more warmth and copper tones. Are you a natural Red head?

Have a lovely rest of weekend, and see you next week, another video coming up, 
and lots more hairy happenings. :)


  1. That salt spray sounds great! I use either GHD's Salt Spray (although mine's almost finished) or VO5's Give Me Texture for summer styles. x

  2. Love the Handy Hint...those little ribbons are so darn irritating!x

  3. That salt spray sounds fab, you've sold it to me on smell alone.
    I'm so ancient I remember Jeff Conaway from Taxi, a TV series that ran after Top Of The Tops on a Thursday night. xxx

  4. Oooh, that salt spray sounds amazing and I really want to get one for this summer, I want some beachy waves! :) Great post <3

  5. Oooh, like the sound of the salt spray. I'm always looking for more texture!

    Oh, and G'WAN gingers! x

  6. Oh Kel, I'm practically drooling after reading about all that delicious food. Was your Wagamama meal nice?

    Wasn't it sad about Jeff Conaway? I always thought he was much more interesting than John Travolta.


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