Sunday, 15 May 2011

Recreated: Katy Perry Alien "Cleopatra" Hairstyle...

I watched Katy Perry's new video in awe, what amazing styling, to still look gorgeous as an alien. Well she'd look gorgeous dressed as a goat to be fair.
I loved the hairstyle that's been dubbed "Cleopatra" Gorgeous thick braids with hair tumbling down in lengths with volume at the crown.
So with that in mind, I thought I'd give it a go and here's what happened...
The styling was simple enough, using my Halo Hair extensions for added length and volume (more on them soon!), and I made myself up to try and copy the make up for an overall effect.
What do you think? Definitely something for a fancy dress party I reckon!
Any requests on my next recreation?


  1. Wow!! I love this look! The extensions look fab, I was thinking of getting some Halo Hair extensions, have you got a fancy dress to go to? Xxx

  2. Wow, Kel! I love this look. I must try and emmulate your fabulousness and try this for Glasto. xxx

  3. Love this look - the plaits around the front are fab and the extensions look great! x

  4. i love this! what a great idea! i was just watching her music video yesterday and marveled about the gorgeous "otherworldly" costumes and makeup/hair. =)

  5. Thanks everyone! :)
    Had fun doing this one, but got some funny looks off the dog and boyfriend!
    @smeeeff Not got a party to go to, wish I did! Might have to do this for Halloween perhaps! :) and I've got a post on Halo Hair coming up soon, keep 'em peeled!


  6. You're looking great! I actually like your look better than Katy's - it seems to be more of a strong amazonian tribal woman rather than a strange alien Katy :P haha! :)

  7. I love this! :D Aw kel, you need to do more of these. Bloody brilliant. Thank you for your last comment on my blog btw ♥ you're a wee gem xx

  8. I REALLY LIKE THE MAKE UP REALLY GOOD COPY!! and u look lovely....



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