Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The Perfect Princess...

I know you've probably read a million articles, seen more than your fair share of pictures and possibly quaffed too much bubbly but I HAD to do a post on one of the most viewed wedding hairstyles ever.
Kate Middleton, now the Duchess of Cambridge, looked beautiful. Her hair worn in a 'Demi Chignon' which is a classic bridal style. When writing a post just after the engagement was announced I'd hoped for Kate to wear her hair up in a classic simple style, however, as time wore on it became apparent she would want something soft, simple and timeless. The media quoted the bride as saying she didn't want to look completely different and wanted Wills to recognise her at the alter, and I think if the lip readers were right, he was more than happy with her style. The evening style was also gorgeous, big bouncy curls, which were perfect to dance the night away. It was a polished yet relaxed, and suited the dress and make up beautifully.
The stylist that worked his magic on Kate's hair was James Pryce, of the Richard Ward Salon, who have been trusted with Kate and the rest of the families locks for many years. He, along with Richard Ward helped style the bride and the wedding party. Pryce described the job as the "gig of the century" (I bet!!) and there's no doubt he'll be requested by a lot more brides in future, with over 15 years experience in the field, and having worked with some of the greats, I'm sure Kate felt relaxed in his capable hands.
I've no doubt that this look will be requested all over the country, and I'm stocking up on gloss shine spray to try and recreate that look for many brides this summer.
What did you think of Kate's hair? Or was everyone to busy looking at Pippa and Harry?! ;)


  1. I didn't watch it but I'm glad she left her hair mostly down and did her own make-up, I can never understand the need for a dramatic transformation on the big day, it would confuse the heck out of the groom. xxx

  2. I was always going to be looking at Harry - I love a posh ginge!

    I think she chose the hairstyle just as well as she chose the dress, makeup etc. All in impeccable taste.

  3. I totally loved everything about her hair/makeup/outfit! I thought she looked absolute perfection. Her reception gown was stunning! And yes, I confess I could not stop staring at Pippa! She was a knockout!


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