Tuesday, 31 May 2011

More Hair + Your Hair = Less Hair?

There has been a lot of stories in the media lately about hair extensions, and more so about when they go wrong. Clients have been left with bald patches, extremely sore heads and less hair than they started with. Which defeats the object of getting the full, thick and long locks lusted after completely.

Experts are now calling for the extensions that are glued in (bonded onto existing hair strands) to be banned, as they are deemed to be the most damaging of methods. With a 15% increase in the number of people seeking hair extensions it's amazing to know that if you wish to carry out extension services you do not have to be a qualified hair stylist. I actually can't believe that you need no professional qualification, you wouldn't let a unqualified stylist attempt to cut or colour your hair so why add extensions that can cause pain, leave you with traction alopecia (bald patches) and generally ruin your hair?

I'm not saying all hair extensions are bad news, and people that offer hair extensions aren't all out to ruin your hair. Here are some top tips to avoid a hair nightmare;
  • Research your hair extension technician. Make sure you are fully aware of your stylists credentials, don't feel embarassed or worried about asking hundreds of questions. If they have any problems with answering then think twice about using them. Your hair, your choice.
  • If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is! I'm not saying you are going to have to pay a huge amount for hair extensions, but they aren't going to be cheap.
  • If you can't deal with the maintenance then they aren't for you. Extensions take looking after and regular salon visits (unless you use clip in extensions) most require specialist shampoos and conditioners and you have to be careful to avoid them matting and turning into dreads.
  • Think about what method suits you, ask around for advice from people who may have had them.
As you'll all know, I use clip in extensions and often use these on clients if required for styling, I am not trained in bonded hair extensions, and to be honest I would rather not be. I have met some stylists who have gone to training days (you can be "qualified" to carry out extensions after a day course) and they have decided to take further training and advice before carrying out the service.
Better to be over qualified (in my eyes) than not at all.
Have you had any hair scares with extensions? Or are clip in's for you?
Maybe you can't see the point and would rather stick it out and wait for hair to grow?


  1. Great advice Kelly.

    I've recently tried clip in extensions and I love them. I would never have permanent extensions, too much damage and ongoing maintenance for me.

    I had no idea you didn't need to be a qualified stylist to do extensions, that's scary.

  2. Great post Kelly,

    Just wondered if you could give a me a little advice.....
    Im getting married in Mexico next year & really want long flowing locks!
    I use clip in extensions at the moment and there great...BUT... im worried the clips will be seen on my big day...so was looking into bonds, I am worried about the after effects, especially since my hair is bleached. Im been told different things in each hairdressers....what do you think? (you can see my hair on my blog)
    Can bond melt in hot weather? or is it worth paying the money to know they'll be perfect for the day???

    Thanks Kelly



  3. I trained in Balmain extensions. I have to say the keratin bonds are so much better and the positioning puts so much less tension on the follicle. But I've seen people with traction alopecia and alsorts due to bad extensions.

    Clip in are definitely the best option.
    Great post :


  4. Thanks for your great comments guys. :) xx

    Katie, firstly very jealous of you getting married in Mexico, how lovely!
    I really think you'd be better sticking with clip ins, I totally understand the want to make everything perfect but I'd be worried with chlorine, the sea, sun, styling and all the above stressing your existing hair. I'm not an extension expert but from research/experiences shared I'd be safe and enjoy your wedding and holiday without the added worry of hair drama. Make sure the clips are blended well and you should escape them showing.

  5. After reading this post I am so glad I have only ever used clip in extensions!

    Great advice as always Kelly :)


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