Friday, 20 May 2011

I just came to say "Halo!"

So my ongoing quest for long locks has brought me to hair extensions, Britney uses them (badly) Cheryl's never without hers and for most, they can be the answer to volume and hair that any celeb would be green with envy over.
Halo Hair have, it's safe to say, a massive range of clip in extensions, you can try out brightly bright slices, or match your natural colour to give yourself longer locks in a snap. You can even get some peacock feathers for a great festival look.
I've been using mine to create fishtails, large messy side buns, and lots of curls with added height around the crown. It's a great way to style hair without committing to anything. They are incredibly easy to wear, and don't pull or unclip whilst in the hair. Not one person has thought the extensions were false, with even my mum exclaiming "Hasn't your hair got long!!"
The extensions come in a pack containing 4 single wefts, 2 double wefts and 2 triple wefts meaning you can add as many or as little needed. I've also used the single wefts as a braided headband to create a nice summer look (and my Katy Perry look) You can get Human or Synthethic hair, and prices are reasonable, if you look after the extensions using the Halo Aftercare advice then you'll definitely get your value for money. What extensions do you use? Or do you prefer to keep it natural?
I've got a wedding booked in July and the bride needs some more volume so I will be using Halo Hair to style, pictures will be included and I think it'll be good to see another colour and style to show how versatile they are.
(Please note this post was scheduled to publish after my new style from Aussie! :)
but I wanted to tell you about Halo Hair)


  1. Did you order the synthetic or the human hair? I would really like to get some extensions but just have reservations about the sourcing of the hair, so I am looking at synthetic ones, but so far they all seem to be horrible. I really want to get a blonde chunk in my hair though so I will definitely be checking out the colour chunky bits!

  2. The extensions I have are human hair, however the hair sourced by Halo is done ethically. Have a read of their promise for the hair. Loving the sound of the Blonde chunky slices. xx

  3. I'm not usually a fan of extensions but your look amazing. I'm tittering at what your mum said. xxx

  4. Oh they look great. It's not something I've ever really been tempted by but if I change my mind then I'll definitely check them out.

  5. I'm really tempted by extensions. Thinking about buying some but they're so expensive! Love the plait.x

  6. Ooo thanks for the tip about Halo hair extensions. Your fish tail looks totally natural. Are they quite expensive? xxx


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