Thursday, 5 May 2011

Hair Envy: Adele

Adele, gorgeous girl, gorgeous voice and she's got some amazing hair! Whether it's a glamourous old school style or down with bags of volume it looks fabulous.
She has that great 60's style, with braided bands, oversized buns and the gorgeous make up to go alongside. I loved her hair in the Rolling in the Deep video, I'd imagine the stylist has used some sort of padding to get that shape, and finished off with a simple headband looks amazing.
Her colouring is great against her skintone, and whilst I think it's helped by some colour, it's kept quite close to her natural colouring. It's subtly layered giving the volume to curls when in the hair, the layering seems to start just under jaw length.
So Adele stand proud and accept your hair envy crown. You are my inspiration for styling this month.
What do you think of Adele's hair? Who's hair has got you green with envy?


  1. She has gorgeous hair! I love the picture of her on the RollingStone cover

    I think Lauren Conrad is another hair envy for me!


  2. love Adele. I always this she looks great and has such beautiful lips! As shown to pout-fection in that mag cover! x

  3. With a voice like that I think I'd love her no matter what she looked like. She is gorgeous though, beautiful hair and fab 1960's inspired make-up. xxx

  4. I think she styles herself absolutely beautifully. Everything is always just right and yup, I do have total hair envy!

  5. wow, i've never seen her with her hair down, it looks amazing. And she looks so different. Just realised I wasn't actually following you, doh. Am now! xx

  6. She is just stunning! It was an Adele style beehive I asked for when I went to that blogger event :) and they sure did deliver! But theres no way I'll be able to do it again though which makes me sad :( I always love katy perrys hair, looks so sleek (okay, but maybe most of the time it is wigs!) xx

  7. I really love your blog and I can't wait to read more! I hope you can come check out my Sigma Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki - F80 Giveaway :D

  8. i love her!! shes an amazing singer and shes so gorgeous!! love her hair :)

  9. LOVE Adele. She looks amazing on rolling stone and I adore her 60s styles. The beehive is divine.


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