Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Festival Favourites...

Music, warm beer, wellies, tents, and hopefully some sun. Yes it's festival season again!
How do you keep your hair looking fab at a festival? You have your basics, such as dry shampoo and a brush. Maybe a few hairgrips and a scarf. But there are some great hair accessories out there that can transform a bad festival hair day into the sort of style that'll get your do noticed.

Feathers are fast replacing flowers at this years festivals, with celebs sporting colourful feathers through hippy lengths of hair. I think they look gorgeous and can't wait to see festival goers working this trend themselves. Peacock feathers would look gorgeous, and I think bright coloured feather strands would really add something special to the hair.
Braided headbands. Ah the braided headband, get the right colour match and you'll get envious looks from others wanting your style. So easy to wear and they really can glam your hair. Wear them as a normal headband or take inspiration from Katy Perry in her GHD shots and wear them across your head.
What will be adorning your hair this festival season?
Feathers float your boat, or braids bringing your style?


  1. Ah Kel, I always love your videos and this is no exception. Those wired headbands are such a good idea.

    I really like headbands worn across the forehead Celtic style but I always look like a giant gorm when I do. Plus you end up with weird fod marks and it's not a good look!

  2. You are totally brilliant, Kel! I'm getting my Glastonbury wardrobe together over the next week or so and as always I rely on you for hair inspiration. xxx

  3. I think if I went to a festival now I'd be much more savvy about what to do with my hair. pictures of me in past years an t in the park where I havent washed my hair in 3 days and havent quite mastered dry shampoo is an awful sight Kel :p Great vid as always. You'd be so proud of me at how long my hair is getting! xx


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