Sunday, 22 May 2011

Colouring Hair - Which bit where?

You sit in the salon, or at home wrapped in a towel and have all sorts of colours, potions and lotions put on your hair. But do you ever wonder where they go, or how the affect the structure of your hair? What makes them stay for a while? What makes them totally change your natural colour?

Your hair is made up of three main layers, the cuticle, the medulla and the cortex. Depending on which type of colour you use will depend on how far into the hair the colour will go. Over the next few weeks I'll be explaining colour products helping you choose the best for you and your hair. Today it's semi permanent.

What do they do and Why do it?
A semi (sometimes known as a demi) permanent colour is great for trying out a new look or if you fancy a change without commitment. They'll last between 6-15 washes (depending on how porous the hair is and existing hair condition) and will only tone the hair not change it dramatically. It's a kinder colour technique for your hair, and if you are a natural Redhead and gorgeous Brunette a semi can add a glossy shine to hair that may need a little pick me up.

The Science Bit...
The large and small colour molecules will penetrate the cuticle and lie on the outer edge of the cortex.

What to look out for?
Semi permanent colours can come in liquids, gels or creams. Stargazer do a semi permanent range and Wella Colour Fresh has some great shades.
Top Colouring Tips
Colouring at home? Use a barrier cream (vaseline works well) around the hairline to avoid staining if using darker colours. And always read your manufacturers instructions.

What do you use to colour your hair? Ever used a semi permanent colour?


  1. Thanks for posting this, it's surely going to be really helpful to loads of us gals out there. Looking forward to your next posts.


  2. Hi
    I have a question and hope you can help!!
    I have natural auburn hair (many people say I am more brown than red, but I am definately what you would class as auburn, think karen gillan) and have started finding the very odd grey hair =O
    I have never dyed my hair before, ever! but now am facing the prospect that I may have to start.
    I want to stay as true to my natural colour as possible, so what colour should I be going with?


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