Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Big Hair. Big Business or Big Mistake...

You've seen the papers, the magazine articles and websites, big hair is back. This time hitting new heights and showing no signs of falling flat.
Celebrity wise, Cheryl Cole has it, Sarah Jessica Parker gave it a go, and Elle McPherson made the school run look like a catwalk. I recently wrote a post on how to get bigger hair, but do the masses want hair so big that you'd need scaffolding to support it?
It's a very unforgiving look for many and whilst big is touted as beautiful, it can be hardwork keeping hair that high. Too much high spray will give a helmet hair look, whilst too little product and your hair will fall flatter than a pancake. And how high do you take it? Start small and work your way up, take my advice you can always add but rarely take away with hairstyling, see what suits your face shape, if you don't like your hair pushed away from your face make like Elle and work the volume forward.
It can go wrong though, the lovely Drew shows that when big hair goes bad it is a huge mistake.
What do you think of big hair? One to copy, or leave it to the celebs?


  1. I think it's one of those trends that people will look back at and think 'what in the world was I thinking?!'

  2. I usually like big hair but honestly can't say I'm loving any of those ladies coiffures. Bit too Dallas/Dynasty for my liking. xxx

  3. Ah, I do love big hair, and I mean LOVE, but I like big hair to have movement. These dos look too stiff and structured.
    The higher the hair the closer to god! Or as I like to say the bigger your hair the smaller your hips look!!

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  5. I like big hair to an extent but these do's look way over the top! x

  6. I prefer it to look at least slightly natural. I wouldn't want to touch any of those barnets - feel like my hand would get stuck in it with all the hairspray!

    Bless Drew. Much as I love her, that isn't a particularly good look!

  7. My eternal quest for big hair ended when I got it all chopped off and decided to leave that dream behind. I think it's a look that's almost impossible to achieve and maintain without extensions.

    Elle looks gorgeous because hers is still quite natural... Cheryl's is far too overdone and SJP looks mental!

  8. Haha! Jen your mental comment made me laugh!

    So the majority like a bit of volume but think the ladies in the post have gone waaaay over the top! It's an ageing look isn't it, and like Vix says they are a bit Dallas.


  9. i thought it was best to blow dry as huge as possible and then go smaller? once the hair is dry it's much harder to add volume, but it's easier to take it away. Thats what I've always been advised..
    Drew's hair looks gorgeous. Old school glam!

  10. @Anon I meant more on the use of products when styling big, sorry that didn't come across well! If you start with huge hair and use products then try and tame that, you can get build up, and the hair can start to become overstyled?
    I think Drew's hair could have been a lot smoother, the height is great, the finish I'm not so keen on.

  11. why do you have to add product to tame it? surely just running your fingers through it when it's still warm is enough to dampen down unwanted height?
    when hair is already styled and dry, its much harder to add volume in my experience. better to start off too big, because it never stays that way anyway.

  12. No I didn't say add product to tame it, I said if you've added products, then decide it's not what you want, taming it can become a problem.
    But each to their own, if you feel it's better to go bigger as it's harder to add volume then cool, we're all different! Thanks for your comments. :)

  13. each to their own but everyone should take your advice? i never mentioned using product for volume. its all in a good blow dry in my experience! product is then used for setting and hold, shouldn't be relied on for making the actual style, thats when you get build up... thanks for replying! :)


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