Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Aussie: Lightening my style!

Well Tuesday 17th May, a girl walks into a salon and puts her locks in the hands of Frankie, a bobble hat wearing super stylist with an array of Aussie styling products at his fingertips. The on!
Aussie had challenged the Angels to "lighten up" this Summer, to celebrate the launch of the Lusciously Light range, which really is lusciously light. This meant for some it was yoga, decluttering and a more zen lifestyle, but for the style tribe it meant snipping, colouring and styling our way to a new lighter us, it was up to us how far we wanted to take it.
Zoe and I getting pampered. 
Tommy Guns in Soho was the place, and three Angels walked in ready for a change. Myself, Zoe and Claire sat down and the styling began. My stylist Frankie talked me through brightening up my blondes, adding some more and sorting my cut to give my existing style the edge. It was looking a little tired, and being a hairstylist you need to look good to give your client's trust that you know your stuff. Frankie really was brilliant, talking me through every aspect, explaining what he was doing, and was just generally a really nice guy!! And he had a hat on which in my eyes means cool. :)
So a lot of foils later, and a toner, and a cut to give me a teardrop fringe (which I LOVE!) I walked out feeling hungry (nothing new there!) but a million Aussie dollars. It's definitely helped me lighten up for Summer.
Massive thanks as always to Aussie, they really do look after us. I'm very lucky to be an Angel and really do appreciate it, just gutted I won't see the North and South Angels at the next meeting!!
Me and the lovely Emma!
What do you guys think? Fresh for Summer? How would you lighten your style?


  1. yay Kel your hair looks amazing in the end, I absolutely adore the fringe! i had such a lovely time, wish i could go to the salon every month with you and claire! xxx

  2. Oh Kel it looks gorgeous! The colour is beautiful and you really suit the new fringe.

    I think I've already lightened mine up by getting so much chopped off it. I'll leave the sun to add some natural highlights - I don't want to start messing around with colours and stuff.

  3. Your hair looks fantastic, I love the fringe! It's looks like you had a great time! :) I was meant to go for my appointment at the same time, but I have the flu so I got to sit at home and pout/blow my nose instead :( So upsetting! xx

  4. love it! The colour and cut are fab on you

    Christina @ Hair Romance xx

  5. Ah you're so lucky - your hair looks lovely!

  6. You look fabulous! Can't wait for my appointment on Monday :) xxxxx

  7. Oh, you do look gorgeous (even with your foils in)!
    Love the fringe and the colour. Did you worry when you saw the woolly-hatted hairdresser that your hair would turn out like the bloke on the Yakult ad? xxx


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