Saturday, 23 April 2011

What a beautiful day, hey, hey...

Well it's safe to say the majority have had a lovely weekend so far in the sun, I've spent my time enjoying birthdays, BBQ's and cider. With some decking maintenance inbetween (which was a killer but must have helped tone me up)
Lovely summer flowers, bit of Gregory Issacs, BBQ and our fishies!
I love the weather being so lovely at the moment, our garden is looking great with the fish pond, flowers and a brand new BBQ ready to cook some prawns, chicken, and my favourite aubergine.It's gorgeous on the BBQ. That along with some rose wine will be a perfect Saturday. Holly has been doing some serious sunbathing! She's such a sun lover, she even has a suntan, her once pink belly is now a rather darker Black! She even has white bits. :)
Stop looking at my white bits!
How are you spending your bank holiday? Enjoying the summer sun? 
Have any of you given things up for Lent? I gave up my beloved crisps. It was hard the first week, but surprisingly I've realised I don't really need to eat as many as I did, 
and my waistline is certainly thanking me for it. 
Normal hair related topics will resume shortly on Hair Advice, including my Aussie Lighter Style, and a video tutorial on some products that are great for summer styling, just wanted to take the opportunity to have a ramble about the weather and life, and to wish you all a Happy Easter.


  1. Happy Easter to you too Hun.

    X x

  2. I never gave up anything for Lent, tried it with chips but ordered a nandos and forgot!!

    love the BBQ and the title of your post.. the levelers ? xx

  3. I LOVE Holly...she looks lush on that pic. Can't wait to see her next week. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Holly is looking adorable. I think I've missed this weather or maybe I've been spoilt by Goa. Great Levellers reference there. xxx

  5. Oh I love that song! My music collection is seriously lacking summery songs - must get that sorted out before the warm weather comes back again.

  6. Lovely wee catch up kel :) mega lol at hollys white bits haha, thats too cute! Glad you have been enjoying the sun, your bbq looks bloody huuuge! and what a cute fishy pond :) can I come visit? haha I have been surfing this weekend so my bones are sorrrre. I am going to spend the day eating easter eggs, watching telly and feeling semi-sorry for myself :p xx

  7. Happy Easter Kel! Sounds like you're having a good one. Liking the look of that BBQ - very professional. Ours was a tenner from Wilkos! :) xx

  8. Glad you had a lovely weekend :) I think everyone has been loving the time off!
    Thanks for the comment, <3


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