Friday, 15 April 2011

Vitality Magazine - Argan Oil

Amongst the bills and flyers for takeaway (honestly we must get about 10 a week!!) the new issue of Vitality Magazine dropped on my doorstep. I've been lucky enough to so far write two articles for Vitality. This article was all about Argan Oil, the wonder product of late. I wanted to delve into the background of the oil, where it comes from, how it was found. You can read the article below (click to enlarge!)
The lovely people at Vitality must like what I write as they've asked me to continue with them, which is amazing news. I love hairdressing, but I really love giving people advice and generally writing about hair. This is my dream job so I'm getting closer and will carry on working hard.
You can have a little read of the previous article by looking in the Press section below my header.
Thanks for reading my little ramble, I know it's quite a common goal in blogging, if you guys have had articles published link me to them, I'd love to have a read!


  1. Another fab article Kelly! You would make a great hair writer :)

  2. Oh how brilliant! You should offer your services up to some local papers if they have a beauty section - I'm sure they'd love a hair advice column too.

  3. Ha I'm so silly at reading because i thought you said 'that to looks horrible on you' but you were talking about you! Congrats on the article writing, i wish i could write well as there are so many magazines that i would love to work for! :)
    Good luck with it all :)
    Www.clashing <3

  4. Great article, Kelly :)
    I've never tried Argan oil before but I got a little bottle of it last night at the VO5 event and can't wait to try it out - it's great how some of the drugstore brands have brought out Argan oil products now. Hope it does my hair some good! x

  5. That's great Kelly! You should definitely write a hair advice column! Good hair does grow on trees - love it xx

  6. well done on your article chica - one step closer to your dream job! xx


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