Monday, 18 April 2011

Salon Surgery - Alex, Odd Socks and Pretty Frocks

I got an email from the lovely owner of some beautiful shoes, Alex, asking for some help with an impending trip to the salon.

Alex asked;
"My hair is desperate for a chop - it has no style and just hangs there and annoys me. The problems are:
* I like it long and don't want to go short. It drives me mad when hairdressers chop short layers into it and I can't tie it all back in a low ponytail.
* It needs washing every two days which is a right chore, so I have no patience with extra faffing around in terms of styling. I blowdry it and luckily it stays straightish so I don't own or use straighteners or suchlike on it.
* I hate people messing with my hair. I hardly ever get it cut because of this. The last time was last May - please don't shout at me!

I'm prepared to be brave and go to a hairdressers but in order to minimise panic and bamboozlement, I'd like to know exactly what to ask for when I go in. Is there any sort of cut or style I can ask for that isn't too short and will look natural and good with a very minimum of styling? I don't want to get a straight chop which is what I had last time but I fear that anything more complicated is going to need me to do things to it at home to keep it looking good and I just don't have the patience."
This is such a massive problem with a lot of you, the salon scares you. And rightly so in some cases, too short layers, fringes you didn't want, and generally coming out feeling harassed and flustered. So what can you do to help get the style you want...

I recommended that Alex use a few keywords that any hairstylist should understand and that along with clear instructions will help you tell your stylist what you want without "umming" and "aaahing" and throwing in some "you know what I mean!"
Alex wanted  low maintenance hair but for her hair to look like it had some style, so I told her to ask her stylist to;
"Ask them to start the layers longer than jaw length, and show them where the first layer should be. And rather than a blunt straight edge on the layer, ask them to texturise the ends (just means they chip into the hair to avoid straight, bulky lines)
Long layers are great at adding texture to hair and if they aren't cut too short they can be flattering and still versatile when styling the hair up.
As you don't like to spend too much time styling, I'd avoid going for any fringes as they can be a pain to style"
The change is subtle but I think the new style really works with Alex's lifestyle and what she wanted, you can see from the ends that instead of a blunt chop, texturising can really help avoid the hair looking bulky and help give it more style without anything radical.
If the stylist makes a recommendation you don't have to have it, sure they might think the sweeping fringe would look great but if you don't think so then don't. It's not compulsory you do exactly what they think you should.
What some advice or got a hair problem that you are umm pulling your hair out with?
Email me, or comment below and I'll get in touch. You could be my next Salon Surgery...


  1. This was brilliant missus! :) Alex's hair is looking lovely, I've never had hair that long but I could relate to a lot of what she was saying and how she felt. Look forward to seeing more salon surgeries :) xx

  2. Thanks again lovely! D'you know, I worked out that the last time I was in a salon was early 2004? (obviously I'd had my hair cut between now and then but at home by a mobile hairdresser) No wonder I was nervy about going into one! I'd have been lost without your help and probably ended up with another fringe of doom.

    Just about to blowdry the mop now and see if I can recreate that salon look... I doubt it!

  3. Great post Kelly, it's really important to break down the fear many women have of salons.
    They are one of my happy places and I want women to love going there too.


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