Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Lights, Camera, Action...

I was lucky enough to unwrap (amongst other amazing gifts) a Panasonic video camera at Christmas (I know we are in Summer but I've been practicising with it!) Andy bought me this after I moaned mentioned that I wanted to do a lot more videos but using my normal camera was hindering me doing so. It was such a pain and I feel the videos I was doing weren't the best quality.
So unwrapping this beauty made my day. Isn't it lovely!! And I think I'm finally ready to get going!
It's a Panasonic SDR-T50. The screen flips round so you can see yourself whilst filming and it's really light and pretty simple to use. You can add a memory card for additional memory, but it does come with built in memory so you can use it straight away. I'm planning on taking this away on our hols in June.

So this is where I need your help, my first (proper) video, what would you like to see? I have a few ideas...
Finger waves and vintage styling
Curls ala Lauren Conrad
My favourite styling items
Or something else?! I'm letting you dictate what the first new video will be,
so make it something you'd like to see!

Just a quick question for you fellow vloggers, what editing software do you use? 
And another important need is a tripod - what do you use and recommend?


  1. Oooft very nice missus! All those vid suggestions sound great, I think I would like to see your fave styling products first tho :) I use imovie but thats cause I'm on mac. If youre not, you can download windows movie maker which is meant to be pretty good. Dont know about tripod tho... balance it on some books? :p xx

  2. I'd really like to see vintage styling, you can find so many vintage hairstyle videos on the internet, but not many which explain well how to do simple pin curls... please do one! I need help! Pin curls on layered hair are quite fiddly.

  3. A BIG hands up for the vintage styling!!! You will become my God if you can teach me how to do victory rolls! :) I've never managed to master them!


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