Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Carry on Rolling...

(a title that tripped off the tongue after watching one too many Carry On films at the weekend!!)
Big hair is back, whether you are blessed with it, or spend hours plumping it up, we all seem to want a bit of oomph in our hair.
Rollers can be very effective in the race for big hair, velcro, heated, ceramic, bendy, no doubt somewhere lurking in your cupboards and drawers is one type of roller. So what can you do to make sure you get the best bounce around?
  • If you are using heated rollers, or tonging hair and pinning to your head, the most important tip I can give is too make sure you leave the curl to cool. Don't start messing about with it, as the curl will drop.
  • Short hair? Make the most of root volume by drying upside down, then pin curl the ends and leave to cool completly, you'll get some volume and some curls.
  • If you struggle with the ends of your hair due to layering and wispy bits, use an end paper, cheap to pick up from any hairdressing warehouse and used on perms, this helps control the ends avoiding fish hook and bent unnatural looking ends to your curls. You can use a thin piece of toilet roll, or even a tobacco paper to the same effect.
  • Use a good curl activator. I use Wella, but there are plenty around, read the instructions carefully, and I'm sure you'll see a difference. Curl activators help accentuate a curl and encourage it to form. Using a good curl mousse beforehand will also help the hair to curl and maintain the style.
  • If you decide to brush your hair through to give a more vintage effect, brush up and underneath the curl rather than on top and straight down. It'll help keep the bounce.
  • Spray lightly with hairspray, and if you have some, smooth either serum or a dressing cream through to help shine and make the curls look healthy rather than dry.
  • Try not to fuss with it too much, playing around with the curls make them drop quicker and they can frizz. Less is more remember. :)
Have you got any top tips for curling hair? Or any questions about curls and your hair? 


  1. I've been keeping a lookout for rollers at the car boot sales. There's usually loads but when i decide to buy them there's only ever the 1980's Hot Rods. You can't beat big hair. xxx

  2. I live in the land of Big Hair. Girls actually go out shopping at weekends with a head full of rollers - there seems to be no shame in it!


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