Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Aussie: Change me into something new...

So Aussie are at it again, setting us Angels a task, a little while ago you may remember me telling you about the Aussie Lighter challenge set by Aussie for us. This is in conjunction with the Lusciously Light styling range, conditioners from the existing range which are lusciously light but still give you a perfect Aussie result.
(Just to clear something up, the challenge set up by Aussie isn't about going on extreme diets, or them making us change our hair drastically. Aussie are helping us change our lifestyles for a new us, something that'll make us feel positively lighter about ourselves. And that's rather nice of them isn't it. :) )

Well, last week Twitter was buzzing with excited Angels receiving parcels from Aussie, read on to meet just one of my "extended family"....
Lighter Style promises to change your style and give you a new look for Summer. Sounds good doesn't it! So without further ado, let me introduce to you Aussie Angel Alice! Don't you think her style has a rather mullet-esque look about it? And I'm not too sure about the heavy fringe.

What do you guys think?
Am I onto a winner or should I leave the "rocker" look to Rod?
I'll be doing a vote at the end of my hair style trial and need your help to get a new style for Summer. 


  1. I LOVE the mega blondeness on you! The wig did make me smile, but its a tad on the mullety side :p Kinda reminds me of that lady with the brown hair who does the sex ed shows on channel 4! Haha :) I really am in love with that colour though, cant get over how much it looks like real hair xx

  2. You look very cool so blonde, even though like Ayden says it is a slight mullet!

    X x

  3. You look so different!
    It is a bit mullet-y but you look fab as a blonde. x

  4. If you cut the back so it was more of a 1970's Purdy cut (Joanna Lumley's role from the New Avengers TV series) you would look absolutely gorgeous. Love you as a blonde. xxx

  5. Haha love the blonde but you're right it is a little mullet-y. Hello by the way! Your blog is great :) x

  6. The blonde looks really nice on you, the cut is a little it mullet-esque though :P I got a wig too, a short dark one. I look like I belong in a bad horror/sci-fi film when I put it on! Yours looks far better :) xxx


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