Tuesday, 1 March 2011

That old pony!

The ponytail has been reinvented this year, becoming a huge hit at London Fashion Week and all over the world. It's plain and simple, so why is the humble ponytail being hailed as this seasons must have style?
It's probably the easiest style to come off the catwalk, so us mere mortals can recreate the ponytail without panicking over whether we can conquer the techniques for the style. Seemingly the messier the better in Jaeger London's case, a sporty ponytail looped through a band with hair free to fall loose and remain romantic and casual.
It suits anyone. Well unless you have short hair and will be left with a blusher brush ponytail. Texture in ponytails was shown perfectly at the Issa show, hair slicked back into what can only be described as a broom of a ponytail contrasted perfectly.
You can dress it up or down. It's ultra versatile, and the perfect style for going out. Adding leather string or ribbon to the ponytail gives it a dominatrix gothic look that works perfectly with the sheer blouses and pretty prints taking us into spring & summer.
Banding and covering the ponytail with scarfs and material wraps was a popular option on the catwalk and one I think will work brilliantly for summer. Wearing the ponytail tied with a bright coloured material wrap will look fantastic in a pub beer garden, or festival. House of Holland showed a playful element with bandanas tied around high ponytails. I love the casual wave through the ponytail. One of my favourite stylists, Adam Reed (who created the X Factor contestant looks last year) with Babyliss Pro, was responible for the styling, and in the video below, shows you how to create that dishevelled ponytail using the Babyliss Pro Conical Wand.

I love wearing my hair in a ponytail now it's longer, it feels young and casual. I wear mine with height and loose strands on top of the crown, and tied to the side.
How do you wear yours? What's your favourite ponytail look?


  1. gorgeous post :)
    thanks for sharing!! x

  2. I like to wear my hair in quite a high swingy ponytail but sometimes by the end of the day it falls. I have found that it helps to wrap a little of the hair around the band making the ponytail lighter plus it means less hair to straighten. I love the ponytail in the last pic with the turquoise wrap!

  3. I rather like a side pony as opposed to a traditional one. Love the use of leather on the platinum blonde's style. xxx

  4. Oh if I tried that first one I'd be eating hair all day. My hair just isn't that easily controlled!

    If I just tie mine back at the base of my neck it seems to naturally flop over my left shoulder and I rather like it that way :)

  5. For some reason, I am not able to style my ponytail so it looks good. It makes me loock chubby in the face and I hate it! :P


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