Thursday, 24 March 2011

Take a Look: Babyliss Root Boost

The ongoing quest for big and bouncy hair. We've had Backcomb in a Bottle, backcombing brushes, bun rings and now this beauty is standing up and taking up the challenge.
It's a simple enough design, the switch has 3 heat settings helping you control the amount of heat needed. You will need some practice, as getting up close to the roots and learning which heat setting is best for your hair helps give the best results. The plates are thin enough to get close to the roots, and the main body is easy to hold and the cord is long enough to style your hair without being right next to a plug.
I love that you can use this to create beautifully textured up do's, my beehive has benefitted from the Root Boost. So it's not just for adding volume to your hair whilst it's down. It really does hold throughout the day, and I found more so than backcombing (unless a good squirt of hairspray is applied) it gives a much more natural look of volume. And it's fun if you want an all out 80's do....
Babyliss have thought of something else with the design of the Root Boost which I thought was quite clever. They've introduced a locking switch so you can clamp the irons together after using them to avoid any damage. A handy little extra I think!
You can get yours from Tesco Direct for the reasonable price of £29.97. It also has a handy price comparasion on the site, showing you what you are saving against other stores, and you can read what others thought about it before you buy. Good idea!

What's your trick to boost your roots?
Have you got the Babylist Root Boost? Or do you stick to the backcombing brush?


  1. I use a tweenager-intended hello kitty mini crimper from Argos- similar concept to the babyliss but cheaper and very small/portable. I got them when I got some travel straighteners, I'm glad I did!

  2. I haven't tried these- but I just have the babyliss crimpers, that I use for the same thing & they are amazing!

  3. I used to use my Babyliss crimpers the same way back in the 1980's. Great idea. xxx

  4. I'm forwarding this post to my Mum, it sounds like the answer to her prayers!

  5. Oh that's clever. I don't tend to have a problem with volume though - too much flipping hair!

  6. I saw the ad fo these and thought they looked amazing - if I had long locks I'd defin. be all over them. Would love to see some before and after shots of how the volumise your hair Kel?

    PS sorry I've been MIA from the blogging world - catching up now. Damn that pesky real life getting in the way! xx

  7. I looked in lots of places, including Boots, and other online shops. I have found good prices at Babyliss root boost


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