Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Salon Surgery - Amy, With Love from Smeeeff

The lovely Amy mentioned on her blog recently that she was off to a burlesque evening on Saturday night, my first feeling was jealously ;)...followed by wondering if I could help with her hair do. I haven't done a Salon Surgery for a while, so thought it would be great opportunity.

Amy sent me an email asking...
I'm trying to grow my locks so that I can practice creating some cool new styles and I'm going to a burlesque night on Saturday so it's a perfect chance to try something new and fun! Any inspiration from you will be fantastic, I can't wait to see what you suggest.
So what's my advice?
Burlesque is all about glamour, you want hair that is shiny, sexy and Dita Von Teese. Amy's hair at the moment reaches her shoulders, and has some layers, but she is growing it.
I love finger waves for that glamorous look. And nothing shows it off better than finger waves going into curls pinned to one side.
I'd recommend making sure you practice finger waving (which I promise is not as hard as it looks) and doing if you have time the morning of the day you are due to go out, then leaving until you need to style the rest of your hair and gently brushing through to give a gorgeous wave. You can finger wave your hair completely or just do the roots and mid lengths and leave the ends free for tonging.
Taken from my portfolio
You don't have to spend money buying an expensive hair piece to wear for the evening, if you have a sparkly brooch and necklace, add some hair grips into the joins of the jewellery and pin into your hair to hide any grips securing the hair, and to add a pretty evening element. If you are loving wearing your headscarves at the moment, add one of these, when dressed up it can add an edgy element to your outfit. 
If the finger waves aren't for you, curling your hair, then gently brushing and victory rolling the sides will look fantastic, and is great for hair that is around shoulder length as you don't have to roll a large amount of hair and worry about it being too heavy to hold.
When making sure your curls stay all night, spraying your hands with hairspray and smooth over hair, this avoids a crispy finish and gives a great shine. Add a few drops of serum to really see the light bounce off. This helps define the waves perfectly. 
I definitely try out the style before Saturday, feeling happy and confident styling your hair means you won't be stressed and worried and will waltz into your do with an amazing do! Hope I've helped Amy, can't wait to see the pics if you give this a go! Sure you'll look gorgeous. 
What do you think Amy should go for? Rocking rolls, or wonderful waves?
(and remember if you want to feature on Salon Surgery please get in touch - whatever the hairlemma!)


  1. Wow! These are both great ideas! I'm touching up my colour today and tomorrow I'm going give them a go and I'll be sure to take tons of pictures on Saturday to show you.

    Thank you so much for helping me with my hairlemma (loving that word)! You are an actual super star

    Amy xxx

  2. I would love to give finger waving a go but I think my hair is a bit long - Victory Rolls work to a certain extent but then I feel like I'm rolling my hair forever!

    I must email you my question - I need some help!!

  3. Waves, definitely waves!! Amazing post, Kelly you're pretty miuch amazing, you are so talented and always so helpful and full of advice! :)

  4. That looks fabulous, very Dita.
    Like Alex I think my hair's too long but I bet it'll look lovely on Amy. xxx

  5. Great post Kellie! I LOVED doing big victory rolls when my hair was long, but I'd like to try finger waves now it is short. Everytime I've tried them previously I make a bit of a dogs dinner of it - would love to see a video tutorial on it - there is a request! xx

  6. Awww, you're a good friend! ; u ;

    Also, those hairstyles are gorgeous! I think she'd look beautiful with the soft waves c:
    Hmmm, I've never had waves before, my hair is really straight, so my waves become straight after a few hours ; A ;

    Btw, I'm following you now!

    ~ Orphin's Domains ~


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