Monday, 7 March 2011

DIY: Rock Shoes

Not hair related chat this time, it's my other love. Shoes. I adore shoes, I could buy a pair every five minutes. Probably every five seconds!!
I picked up some gorgeous, but boring wedges from New Look a little while back (a bargain at £19.99!) I wear them quite a bit but they were lacking something...
So having a dig around in my box of odds and sods I decided to add a few studs. I love the rock look, studs, leather and lots of chunky jewellery. I recently saw a great DIY on This Time Tomorrow which inspired me to get creative. What do you think?
I'll be wearing these next time I head out for a dance with the girls and I know they'll get some comments. I just hope they don't fall off and leaving me looking a right studless wonder. :)
Talking of going out, thought I'd drop in a pic of me and my lovely friend Rach, who I met up with on Saturday. We've know each other since primary school, and it was such a good night catching up. The 5 hour delayed train journey, including an evacuation and THE most annoying guy on the train near me, who every phrase was peppered with "bruv", "you get me" and "innit". I didn't get him, he certainly wasn't my bruv and I made sure I wasn't anywhere near him on the rescue train. So to sum up, a 5am bedtime + hairdressing Sunday = one grumpy Kel. BUT an amazing night with amazing friends. :)
I know lots of you ladies unleash your creative side, 
Have you got your DIY on lately and changed your clothes and shoes?
(Vix, you are totally inspiring me on your challenge at the moment!)


  1. oh wow - love these! good job!
    lots of love

  2. ooo I love them :) get you, well done hun
    gorgeous photo too

  3. How fabulous! You've really rocked those wedges. I may have to steal that idea.
    Aww, you & your pal make a cute pair, well worth enduring the lame street talk on the train. xxx

  4. Love them, I like that they are still quite simple. To many studs could be a little OTT.

    M - Even Artichokes Have Hearts ♥

  5. These shoes look great, such a good idea to make them unique! x

  6. I havent got my DIY on in a long time but this is awesome! Cant go wrong with studs eh :) Haha your train journey made me laugh, when you tweeted about those guys hitting on you :p You and rach look totally gorgeous! xx

  7. Ooo the studs make all the difference, good idea! xxx

  8. Excellent DIY work Kel! I like how it's quite subtle yet still a bit rocky.

    I'm gathering up my courage to hack a vintage dress to bits and refit it to be more flattering. I bought it without trying it on and it is SO unflattering. It will look gorgeous though - I am determined!

  9. I've been so rubbish at DIYing stuff - when I was at uni I made loads of jewellery (as you well know!) and adored it, but now I just feel like I have no time. This seems so easy though, and looks fantastic too - I have a pair of shoes that would look great with studs! x

  10. Its amazing how the smallest little thing can make such a big difference to a pair of shoes.
    Now you dont even need to worry about wearing the same as lots of other people as you have put your own stamp on them! Love!

    Leanne xx

  11. Nice DIY! I saw the original one and this is such a great spin on the studded shoe


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