Sunday, 27 March 2011

Crafty little so and so!

Good afternoon lovely ladies and gents!!
Roll up, roll up, come and see, pretty pieces made by me!
I've just got back from a craft fayre, run at The Bull, in Olney. A lovely little town, dotted with gorgeous shops and cafes. I love to wonder down high streets on a weekend, popping into little shops here and there and making the most of local markets. 
I had my own stall at the fayre, peddling my Silver Peacock wares. Recently I've really been into making necklaces - from silver key charms, to gorgeous slices of agate. There is (hopefully) something for everyone.
It's not just about the neck bling, fingers can be bejewelled, hair can be dressed. All items are handmade by me, and I tend to make things that are maybe a bit unusual or stand out from the usual accessories about.
My zodiac rings went down well, each unique to the wearer, made from vintage German glass. I love wearing mine!
I've done a few fayres now, and it's definitely helping my presentation. I borrowed a gorgeous cake tier stand from a friend, and we had an earring tree! I want my table to look inviting, like a fun space for anyone find something pretty, I loved that there was a really varied age group buying the Silver Peacock merch.
What do you think? Would you pop over for a look?


  1. Those zodiac rings are lovely. Glad to hear that the fayre went well :) x

  2. Ohhhh you are such a talented madam Kel! Wish you were closer to me and I'd defo pop round for a nosy :) everything looks lovely. And cake stand sounds like a very nice way of presenting all your wee bits and bobs. Lovely! xx

  3. Wow, your zodiac rings are fab!

  4. I'd definitely pop over for a look! What gorgeous things. The Zodiac rings are ace.

  5. They are gorgeous! I love rings but they never fit my sausage fingers (I have really fat knuckles for some reason!)

    Maria xxx

  6. Thanks for all your lovely comments ladies. :) Made my day.
    Maria, all the rings I make are adjustable, my sis struggles to find rings that fit, so she's my inspiration.


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