Wednesday, 30 March 2011

All up front'in...

Evening lovely ladies and gents!

Busy week so far! Lots to do and too little time to do it, anyone else feel like that? Anyway!! I loved Rihanna's (and more recently Cher Lloyds - damnit!) look with short sides and long curls on top. I'm not going to cut my hair after spending an age growing it so I got creative.
I hairsprayed the sides to give the illusion of shorter hair then split the hair on top of my head into three ponytails, curling each ponytail with my Babyliss Pro Conical Wand. I then pinned the curls randomly on top my head, following the curve of my head, leaving the front section slightly loose, spraying with lots of hairspray to hold.
I then chucked my trusty blue scarf on, for a bit of colour. Not a style for everyday use, but a bit of fun for a party. I might even give this a go when I'm on my holidays, easy to do and looks quite pretty.
'Scuse the mardy face!! :)
What do you think? 
Whose celeb hair has given you inspiration lately?


  1. I know the feeling dude! :( Anyways, I love this! :) I think that danni minogue had a similar kinda thing going on at the xfactor one night? Would love to do this, but worry I'd just end up a curly mess :S haha. Kel, you need to teach me how to proper backcomb my hair :( I am so rubbish! And this haggis is getting so looooong haha xx

  2. oh, your hair looks so lovely, the curls are beautiful! xx

  3. How did I miss sunday's post? Your jewellery and accessories are gorgeous, especially those zodiac rings!!!!
    Love your hair like this, you could certainly give Rhianna a run for her money! xxx
    PS I'll keep my eyes peeled for insanely huge jewellery, as ever! x

  4. Hey lady, I just tagged you in my latest post, 10 things I love, if you fancy getting involved!


  5. ahhhh your hair looks amazing - love love love it xxxxxx

  6. I love this style, Kel! So clever to do it without actually shaving your hair off! And it really suits you. Great tutorial. Just wish mine was long enough! x

  7. This looks great! I did a similar style but I think your version with 3 ponytails and curls looks fab!


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