Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Take a Look: Babyliss Pro Conical Wand

Another day, another hair gadget. This time it's the Babyliss Pro Conical Wand. I've shyed away from the wand trend - I worried I'd be left with the sort of curls I sported whilst a bridesmaid years ago. However, the hot Pink number might have me swayed.
The Babyliss Pro Conical Wand comes with a whole heap of wonderful features;

25-13 mm porcelain barrel
Meaning you can have small or large curls, giving you a wide range of use. The barrel is smooth, so doesn't snag hair and gives the curl a finish full of shine.

25 heat settings
Yes, 25, a heat setting for pretty much any type of hair. And because it has a whopping 25 heat settings you aren't damaging your hair using the wrong degree of heat on it.
Such a fantastic idea and great for universal use - perfect for use.
Salon Length swivel cord
This is SO important. Other companies please follow Babyliss' example. It's such a pain when you are trying to use something to style your hair and the cord is short. The cord on this wand is brilliant. It's long enough so don't end up hitting yourself in the face with the wire trying to do the back of your hair.  

Cool Tip
Great for making sure you keep hold of the wand whilst styling and when used with the gloves provided, totally avoid burnt fingers.  

So the handy gloves I've spoken about are brilliant at avoiding burnt fingers. Which you will get if you don't use them. There is no clamp to hold the hair in place so you need to use your hands. They are pretty cool, three fingered gloves, so you use your thumb, index and middle finger. It helps give you a lot more control over the wand.

I've used this on lots of different hair types, and so far they seem to be holding up. When curling, I always prep the hair to help the hair hold, and after I put the curl in the hair I leave to cool (such an crucial thing to remember!!) then brush/style afterwards. From thick hair to thin, you can use this wand to magically creates curls big or small, and the price for this magical styler? £23.95. Can't really say fairer than that can you?


  1. I have a Babyliss curling wand, sadly not pink, and it's amazing! I always get really nice natural curls


  2. These sound really good, and I was literally just looking at these earlier! I've been searching for a good curling wand for ages :) the colour of these, and the fact they come with gloves has got me sold!

  3. And a heat mat Rachel! Even better! ;)

  4. That is really good! I was about to buy some by another brand yesterday but I was scard about what sort of curls they produce. I use straightners to curl my hair at the minute, which are destroying my hair i think :( x

  5. Babyliss was the brand of my crimping irons back in the late 1970's and I've always rated them. The colour of these is just horrific, I think if I was looking for a curling product I'd be put off by their appearance. xxx

  6. Well that's a bargainous price! I'm with Vix on the appearance though. I just wouldn't buy anything that colour. Also for gutter-minded me, it looks a tad rude...

  7. This sounds great - I've wanted a conical want for ages but the ones I've seen have always been really expensive. This is such a bargain so I wouldn't feel bad about only using it occasionally. x

  8. Haha Alex,your thoughts match Andys. He wondered what on earth it was!!
    Vix,it comes in Black also- I tend to have the majority of stuff in black,but with the amount of gadgets I own its a nice change.:) x x

  9. Great review! A stylist at an Aussie event used a curling wand on my hair and I loved the results and this is such a good price too!

    Not sure the bright pink is really for me, but hey - it's just the colour!

    C x

  10. Ha,it looks a bit dodgy,but I love the colour!!!

  11. thanks for the review, i've been thinking of investing in something like this for a while! xx


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