Sunday, 20 February 2011

Sunday Snip #16

Good evening lovely ladies and gents! Firstly my apologies for this Sunday Snip coming so late to sister, Crystal, had to prompt me. It's hard work after watching Inception. What an amazing, mind-blowing film that is. Could watch it again right now without being bored. Amazing. What did you think of it?

So what's going on in the hair world then.....

Hair Gossip of the Week
Being as London Fashion Week is in full swing my twitter timeline, mail box and messages are full of these seasons trends. It's not all about the clothes, how we'll be wearing our hair is a massive piece of the 2011 jigsaw. I wrote about some trends I feel will be hot here, but one thing I've seen, heard and read about is ponytails. Yes, the humble ponytail is back. And this time it's supersized. Long locks pulled into a simple ponytail is going to be "the" look.

Product of the Week
I have to mention it, the buzz around Lee Staffords Hair Growth Treatment is out of control!! It's all over my twitter timeline and Boots are running low. Why? Well it works is the simple answer. I fully and wholeheartedly cannot fault this product. It's even going on Ebay for silly prices!!

Celeb Hair of the Week
Nicola Roberts, I love the colouring of her at the moment. It looks so natural (which I hope it is) and I love the waves and volume. It's great she's embracing the natural movement of her hair and as always I think she looks gorgeous. What do you think?

What's been your hair highlight of the week?
(see what I did there? Hair, highlight, colour... ;) nevermind.)


  1. Nicola Roberts looks unrecognisable. A vast improvement. xxx

  2. Wow, Nicola Roberts looks amazing - such a change from her Girls Aloud days.
    I love the Lee Stafford Growth Treatment too, it smells amazing. Can't believe it's on ebay! x

  3. nicola roberts is like my hair idol!! always love her hair!! and her complexion :) xo

  4. I bet that lee stafford stuff is gonna be sold out in boots :( desparate to get my hands on a tub! sorry I havent replied to your email yet lovely, things have got a bit manic lately and I'm stressing a bit. but im sorted for my outfit and hair for this weekend so thats a relief :) thanks to YOU! think I could pull off a supersize pony tail? think it would take a long while yet... x

  5. Doesn't Nicola look gorgeous with her hair like that? I liked the bright red but you're right, this is so much more natural.

    ps - LOVED Inception. I went to see it twice at the cinema and that doesn't happen with many films.

  6. Cute blog!
    Follow me? I'll be very happy if you do it!
    Thank you so much!

  7. Love that hair growth product - I wonder if he does one to slow it down though? Mine definitely doesn't need any help! :)

    I love Nicola's peachy hair colour. It really suits her pale skin. x


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