Thursday, 24 February 2011

Cut out the hate, love your hair...

We've all done it I'm sure, sat there with friends and moaned about our hair.
"It never goes straight!" "I hate my curls" "I wish I had Blonde hair"

It's the age old dilemma of not appreciating what you've got, we all go through phases of wanting longer legs, smaller waists, and it seems our hair gets given some stick along the way. We change and alter the way our natural hair falls, and the colour it is. So why aren't we happy with our own hair?
Recently I overheard a conversation between three women. One complimented the other on their natural looking curls...

"Oh I hate them, I wish I had poker straight like you"
"You don't, it's an absolute nightmare to do anything with, it just hangs there!!"
"Well at least you don't have wavy hair like me, it's not straight, it's not curly, ugh wavy"

As a hairdresser, I have noticed that some people simply will not let their hair do it's thing. One lady wanted a short, elfin crop...but had extremely curly, springy coarse hair. Now if she's willing to do battle with her hair everyday to style it, then first of all fair play. Second, expect a lot of bad hair days. I'm not saying it wouldn't suit her face shape, it just wouldn't suit her hair. And that's of huge importance when thinking of a new cut. Yes, Emma Watson may look stunning with her cute crop, but will your ultra thick hair sit as well.

Some expect to look exactly like the magazine pictures they clutch in their hand. I've been guilty of doing it, however the stylist has never questioned my choice. Explaining that the mullet with a spike will gather comparasions of Liam Gallagher and make my already thin hair even more so would have helped a great deal in my decision. I appreciate we love to change our hair colour, and I can't claim to be natural when it comes to this, but I do know that heavily layered hair will make my bonce look like someone has celotaped it to my head. And I don't suit hair shorter than jaw length. Never have, never will.
So let's love our hair, embrace the natural movement of it, if it's curly work with it, poker straight, swish those lengths. Accentuate what you've got, you do it with your figure, so do it with your hair. Who's with me!! ;)
What do you love about your hair?


  1. oh I love this post :)
    It's so right though, I hated my curly hair, but now it;s just gone I feel really sad for it & would love just to scrunch it up- but nope!!!
    I still would however find something to say I love about my hair, it's my hair, and I don't hate it- however even if I get my 'dream hair' I still think I'd want some more or something different

  2. Totally agree, great post!!What do i love about my hair? It's in good condition, i love the colour and i love the length :) x

  3. Totally agree with this post! It's so annoying when you compliment someone on their hair and they respond with "oh but I wish it was blah blah..."
    I love that my hair is natually straight so I never need to use straightners on it. x

  4. This is a great post! I tend to also criticize my hair too, but who doesn't? I do like the color of my hair. I never dyed it and during the winter it's a really dark reddish brown adn in the summer it gets really light, almost blonde. Thanks for posting!

    That’s So Fletch
    xo, Jay

  5. Great post. It's true, we all want what we don't have! I actually love my hair. It's very long, thick and mainly straight; wavy where there are layers at the front. I have Auburn hair which as you can imagine, I have been called a fair few names! Mostly by immature boys. I love my hair colour, it's rich and has lovely red and golden tones.
    I would love curly hair but I know if I was born with it I would hate it!

  6. So true, we all waste so much of our lives wishing for what we can't have whether it's big boobs, curly hair or to be three inches taller. Nowt as queer as folk! Love the dog picture. xxx

  7. Love this post! So true. It's taken me many years but now I love my curls. You have to work with what you have & trust your hairdresser.
    Christina @ Hair Romance

  8. I have recently had my hair cut. I am pretty unadventurous when it comes to my hair - i have only had the gall to dye it once! I dont like to style it so ease is my top priority.

    I got a little side swept fringe cut in - which i was worried about doing because of the lack of styling motivation. However, I love this hair cut! LOVE LOVE LOVE! yes i have to sometime do a teensy bit of work to get my fringe to go the right way but barely any. And it looks great messy. Woo Hoo!

    I think they key here was to trust my hairdresser and tell her about my hair habits (or lack of). She interpreted what i wanted (an update and some shorter layers - so i didnt look like a 70's hippy anymore), in light of my habits and now i have prefect hair for me. ON a side note - I love my hairdresser :)

    M - Tea for Two ♥

  9. I really need to learn to love my hair, starting with a trim!

  10. Great post Kelly, and so true. We all want what we don't have be it a slimmer figure, bigger boobs, a designer bag, different hair.

    When i was younger I always battled with my hair and didn't like it much, it was really think and had a natural wave/frizzy that was quite unruley. But I have learnt to love my hair - like anything it is focusing on the good points (that I suit lots of different cuts&colours) and not the bad stuff. Now I just need to learn to do that about the rest of my life! x

  11. I love the colour of my hair and the natural shimmery shades in it. I've never dyed it and never wanted to but this does make me a tad nervous about what to do when it starts to go grey! Oh well, I'll deal with that when it happens.

    Now to find a hairdresser that won't scare me and do something about getting it cut!


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