Monday, 14 February 2011

Brush me up the right way Denman!

I've been a big fan of Denman brushes for a while now. i use them regularly, styling others hair and my own. I really rate them for most types of hair - the quality is brilliant and you know they'll do the job.
It's also really important to remember that brushing should help not hinder the hair, it should increase blood flow, encourage natural oils and get rid of any knots and tangles leaving smooth, shiny hair. It shouldn't be a battle brushing your hair and with Denman offering a HUGE range of brushes you can choose one to suit your hair.
I was having a browse the other day and found something that really made me's leopard print, it's a brush. It's a leopard print brush people!! Combining two of my favourite things (leopard print and hair stuff) Denman are definitely onto a winner with this!

D3 Leopard Print Brush
If, unlike me, you aren't obsessed with the spots of the leopard then Denman have a range for everyone. Check out these beauties...
Diamante Range

Kiss Me Quick Range

Who said brushes have to be boring eh? Which of Denman's range would you prefer?
Love a bit of brush bling? Or maybe you'd like the smother your hair with Denman kisses?


  1. You got me on to these, Kel. I was walking though Boots before Christmas and noticed a Denman Candy brush on the reduced section for a ridiculous 20p! It's fabulous, not only hot pink but it really works and eliminates tangles in an instant. xxx

  2. I love my Denman brush. You'll probably scream in horror at me for saying this but it's almost 20 years old now and still in just as good nick as it was when I first had it as a teeny child.

  3. Love the leopard print! I never really thought about how important hair brushes are.. I guess I should invest in a new one.

  4. hey chickadee thanks for the hair dying advice! hope you have a nice valentines day :) xo

  5. My hair is thin and get knotted a lot so i love the idea of these brushes :) Bling bling all the way for me :P
    Thanks for the comment :) <3


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