Tuesday, 1 February 2011

2011 Trending...

I've been doing some serious magazine reading research, and scribbling down what I think will be the hair trends of '11. I don't just look through hair magazines, I also include fashion magazines to see if the stylings differ in the shoots they create. It's interesting to see the trends from the catwalk envolving into wearable styles that are worn by celebs and us lot! I really think 2011 will be a year of some very hot hair...

Waves and curls
Already a massive hit in 2010, I really think there will be a lot more texture going on with hair, gone are the poker straight locks, in are big blow drys, gorgeous natural looking waves and relaxed boho styling.
Whilst the gloss of the 30s and 40's will have an impact on evening hair (I can see finger waving and victory rolls being featured heavily) January Jones having been spotted with some gorgeous era hair at the Golden Globes. Sexy siren hair with a hint of Mad Men - gorgeous. 2011 will herald a new approach to styling - looking at stylings in editorial shoots I see textures clashing on hair and creating stand out styles to talk about.

Hair Accessories
The scarf again is taking over relaxed hair, festivals will be filled with girls wrapping brightly coloured scarfs around hair. I'd love to see the trend reworked to incorporate plaits and ponytails. Brightly coloured scarfs woven through a loose side plait would work perfectly against the sheer shirts for Spring and Summer.
It's not just dressing your hair up, covering your hair with some gorgeous headgear will bring you right up to date and covers up any hair emergency. To follow the Indian summer vibe being talked about, get your turban on. Updated from the winter materials of velvet and dark plummy colours, go bright and vibrant. Perfect festival cover up! Andrew Gn showcased some great block colour looks, and different shapes of turban.

Plaits and Braids
One look I'm so glad to see this season is plaits and braids. Doesn't matter what your length, long or short a plait can be worked into your style. Dannii Minogue showed us that short doesn't equal boring. I loved her twists and plaits and sure we'll see some red carpet looks from Carey Mulligan.
Whether it's one plait, or a row of chunky braids it's a really great catwalk trend that will crossover perfectly to the high street. The more complicated basket weave is also present, a great look but difficult. It's great that texture and "structured mess" are key so even if you go wrong, you can still wear it.

Up do's
The up do this year is taking on a relaxed approach. It's all high do's roughly pinned and fanned out. The bun is still going to be huge, but taking inspiration from Issa catwalk hair it'll be brought forward on the head. Don't have long hair? Fake it with a hairpiece to get that catwalk look quick.
Source: Handbag.com
Whatever hair you've got, whether it be straight, curly, long or cropped, there is a way to work any of the SS11 trends into everyday life. I can't wait to see some great looking hair - and can't wait to try some of it out. What will you be doing to your hair in 2011?


  1. I love curls much more than poker straight and I love plaits. xx

  2. I'll probably be dodging the hairdresser's again! I love that updo, it looks gloriously messy and just my kind of thing. Plaits, scarves and turbans are all good for me as I hate having to wash my locks too often. xxx

  3. Oh I love that up do! It looks awfully complicated though.

    I think I may shock everyone by actually going to the hairdressers this year (haven't been since last May, tut tut!).

  4. I love all of these but most of all the waves and curls! Any time i try to style my hair it just goes wrong and falls out :/
    www.clashingtime.blogspot.com <3

  5. Loved this post kelly! I would die for that January Jones style, it's gorgeous! x

  6. Aww this is spot on kel! I am really going to make an effort to do something different with my hair this year. try lots of new things and hopefully still say shiny :) thank you for much for the comment on my last post! I've decided im going to do a massive fashion faux pas and wear a dress I have already worn before to a wedding! is that bad? :( was going to buy a fascinator from somewhere, but if I could hire you 'oot to make me something pretty AND unique then id defs be up for that!! :) want me to show you a pic of the proposed dress? xx

  7. These are nice images, thanks for posting.

    I'll be doing more updos this year.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  8. Loving the trends - spesh the vintage-style ones, I'd love to see a fingerwave tutorial.

    I've already been wearing turbans and headscarves so glad these are in! No plats for me though, booo! xxx

  9. I love updo's, I just wish I was better at doing them on myself. Plaits and waves make me happy too :-)

  10. Love that updo, I which i could make them look messier though, that mess up do look is something I find quite hard work!


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