Saturday, 1 January 2011

Welcome to 2011!

Happy New Year to you all! I hope you have spent today talking, laughing and enjoying the start of a brand new year.

Have you decided on any resolutions? Or have you promised yourself something this year? 

I hope my year ahead is full of good times with the people I love. I have lots to look forward to already and some really exciting times with the blog and my career.

It's been a lazy day here, we've had family over and Andy cooked up a gorgeous roast dinner. We didn't get to bed till late as we were at a friends bringing in the new year. I went for a sophisticated look with a side bun. I tend to wear my hair up when I'm out as I know it'll say looking good and I don't have to worry about it. What do you think?
Sorry for the miserable face!! I did have a good night!
What did you do to bring in the new year? Quiet or a mad one? 
Normal blogging will resume later this week, I promise! I just can't seem to tear myself away from the sofa and chocs. :) I've got some Lee Stafford reviews, some tutorials and many more videos as I got a video camera for Christmas. Can't wait to try it out and hope you enjoy...


  1. Happy New Year! Your hair looks fab like that :) x

  2. Happy New Year, you gorgeous gal! I love the sophisticated side bun, it looks wonderful. Can't wait for more vlogs now you've got a new camera.
    The telly's driving me daft, Jon insists on watching the most god-awful tripe, still can't really complain after his efforts last night. xxx

  3. Happy new year lady! Your hair looks lovely :D x

  4. Happy new year - love your NYE look - beautiful! We were supposed to be having a quietish night at the pub, but we ended up dancing to cheesy 90s classics, so it turned into a bit of a mad one in the end! xx

  5. I love the side bun :) I'm glad youve had a relaxing festive period lovely. Defo look forward to what you mentioned youve got planned for upcoming bloggy posts! :) happy new year gal, heres to a bloody brilliant 2011 xx

  6. Happy New Year,sweetheart! Looking divine,you are right,an updo is so reliable and always glam! XXX

  7. Happy new year Kelly! Hope it's a good one x

  8. Happy New Year honey! Loving the side bun - so sleek and polished. Can;t wait to see more videos - lucky lady with the new camera! xx

  9. Ooh the side bun looks gorgeous on you - very glam! Glad you had a good New Year hun. Mine was fun but tiring - I feel like I've barely got up and dressed since!


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